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5 Ways To Be The Soon-To-Wed Couple Wedding Professionals Want To Work With

Mar 15, 2018


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The customer is always right, but sometimes we need to watch our words and actions if we don’t want to lose a great wedding vendor. Whether you are an ill-tempered one or not, here’s how you can be the kind of couple that wedding suppliers want to work with.

1. You both cooperate

A beautiful wedding takes time and coordination of both groom and bride, take note that this is not a one man’s job.  If your partner is being lazy to help you with the wedding planning you can read our tips on how you can make him involved in wedding planning. Just click here.

2. You don’t bash other wedding vendors

They may be competitors but if they have loads of work and their schedule is too tight, wedding vendors refer to each other.  You don’t know their connections in the wedding business so if you've had a bad experience with some vendors, be careful with your words.


Photo Courtesy of Joseph Ortega Photography

3. You read your contract thoroughly

Let’s admit that most of the time we are too lazy and stubborn to read the contract and the terms of an agreement. No matter the case, you will need to read your contract! It will save you from last-minute wedding disasters and conflicts with your wedding vendor.  You should know what you signed up for in the first place.

4. You know how to listen

They have handled lots of catering events, soon-to-wed couples and other clients.  Learn to listen to their suggestions because they know what’s best for you and they only want the best for your wedding.

5.  You're open minded

If they told you that this gown won’t work for you or this venue will not work for the date of your wedding because it’s going to be crowded, be open-minded.  Some of our ideas won’t really work especially if it is not realistic.

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