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After the successful planning for the proposal, you are here with them on your most awaited day!  They have helped you pull it off and make this day happen.  One of the least things we can do for our best buds is to make them feel special on our wedding even if it is our day.  We have gathered 5 things you can do with them before the ceremony starts.

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1.    Work out

Exercise makes us feel good and happy because the endorphins are being released.  But don’t sweat yourself too much, a good run or an hour at the gym will do.  It is also a great bond to start the day!

2.    Grab breakfast/lunch together

It is always fun to have a meal together with your friends because they give us laughter, inside jokes every time and they can make everything fun! No wonder why boys don’t fight a lot!

3.    Pamper

Who says only girls get to pamper themselves?  Boys can, too!  After having breakfast why not hit the spa and have some massage.  Everyone needs a massage every now and then.  But if you are not into massage then there are a lot of options to choose from, foot spa maybe?

imageArmand Ansaldo Photography

4.    Sit back and relax

If everything is all set and ready and your wedding is late in the afternoon, ask your friends to sit back, relax and watch a funny movie.  This will ease all the tense and nervousness all of you are feeling before saying “I do”.

5.    Give them a gift

If your bride to be is going to get something for her girls, go shopping with her and buy something for your guys!  They deserve a gift, too!  It is an act of saying that you appreciate them.  You can give them a customized flask, cufflinks, shave kit, there are many groomsmen gifts to choose from!

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