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5 Wedding Dress Tips For The Plus-Size Brides

Mar 20, 2018

Shopping for a wedding dress can be pretty challenging. The situation doesn't get any better for plus-sized brides. Some of the bride horror stories that we hear from BG Bridal Gallery customers centers on garments too small to fit or wayward looks from dress merchants. Don't place yourself into this plight. Learn how to swimmingly shop for a plus-sized wedding dress. These tips should guide you through wedding dress shopping clockwork.

imageGeoffrey Zordilla

1.     Call and inquire

It's not very commonplace for wedding shops to feature plus-sized gowns or dresses. To make your wedding shopping worthwhile, you could consider calling and inquiring your target merchants ahead of time prior to your visit. 

2.    Don’t be afraid to try different styles

Future brides already picture themselves wearing their gown as if it is their wedding day itself, but nothing beats seeing it for yourself. Try on some of your best bets. If it didn't suit you as planned, it's okay. There will always be enough dress styles to go with. Be flexible in choosing your dress. imageBottega Bellance

3.    Bring your undergarments

If you don’t already have your wedding undergarments, you may want to purchase one before heading to the dress store. It will be a fabulous help if you could see how the undergarments are going to look with your dress. 

4.    Bring an honest friend with you

You may need a best friend to come along with you, someone who can be brutally honest with you with regards to which dress fits you best.

5.    Consider the biggest part of your body

No worries if some part of your body doesn't fit the dress precisely. You can always ask someone in the shop to do some alterations. You’d want to be able to move freely during your wedding. A relatively short dress is an absolute no-no.

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