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5 Wedding Traditions to Observe

Feb 16, 2017

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Heard a lot about wedding traditions? While not all engaged couples are asked to follow these traditions, many still do observe them for some reason. Regardless of how these started, they continue to be a significant and interesting part of the reception. Here are five common traditions. 

Bouquet and garter toss

The ritual of tossing the bride's bouquet, which many single ladies stay away from, is said to originate from the belief that the bride would toss the bouquet to her friend for safety and luck. Meanwhile, the garter toss dates back to the Middle Ages when drunken men would tear the bridal gown as a souvenir. It has since evolved and the groom would simply take off the garter from the bride and toss it to a crowd of single men.

Cake cutting 

In the olden days, people would actually throw cake at the bride for fertility. A bite of their wedding cake is the couple’s first meal and symbolizes good fortune. 

Wine drinking

Wine is traditionally used for celebrations as a sign of life, love, and vitality. According to some, drinking the wine, and eating the cake too, is a mark of a Christian wedding ceremony to signify intimacy and sharing.

Dove release

The doves, which are placed in a cage or a receptacle, are released by manually pulling the ribbon or cord. The act of releasing a pair of male and female white doves symbolize harmony and peace during the marriage. Whoever can catch the doves can take them home as pets.

Money dance

Another interesting wedding tradition is the money dance where guests, especially the primary sponsors, pin bills on the bride's gown and the groom's suit while they are dancing. This is to help bring wealth and happiness to the newlywed couple.

Make your reception fun and incorporate the above-mentioned wedding traditions. For more wedding tips, check BG Bridal Gallery!

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