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5 Wedding Trends That You Can Still Use in 2018

Feb 23, 2018

You may ask yourself “What?  Wait?  2017 is almost over?”.  Yes, darling, it is and there are only a few weeks left.  But did you know that there are some wedding trends this year that will still be hyped next year?  If you are curious and you can't wait to know, we, too, can’t wait to show you!

 1.    Bohemian

This wedding theme is a mix of simplicity and enchanted look.  No wonder it will still be in 2018.  This is the best choice if you are thinking of having an outdoor wedding.  The setting will be carefree and romantic will warm and earthy colors.

imageBlue Chip Events & Style

 2.    Drip cakes

This year, drip cakes are everywhere!  From weddings to birthdays to any celebration there is.  Next year it will still be on the list but with a twist of colors.  If we settled to the basic ones this year, next year it will be full of pastel and vibrant colors.

imageOh Cakes Manila

 3.    Informal invites

Informal invites such as watercolor or floral and tropical patterns will still be used next year.  People are trying to be more artsy and creative when it comes to a wedding invitation.


4.    Dessert tables

We have learned a new way to indulge into sweets and this is the dessert table where you can pick any sweets you want, from cake pops to macarons, brownies to little cupcakes, you name it!  This trend will still be in 2018, who would resist this kind of idea anyway?

imageZealhouette Events

 5.    Wreaths

Wreaths are not just for Christmas, it can be used any time of the year and its simplicity makes a certain place more beautiful.  It adds some accent and it is pleasing to the eyes, plus it has many uses, too!

imageTrends and Threads by KD

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