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6 Creative Ways To Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony

Jul 8, 2018

Simplicity is beauty but it's not for everyone. If you want to unleash your creativity on your wedding ceremony, you totally can. The sky is the limit.  You probably won't have another opportunity like this again so you better make your wedding perfect. But extracting those creative juices can be tricky. So, here are some creative ideas that you can emulate.

1. Don't skip the arch

Make the altar more picturesque by adding an arch. Hang some of your favorite flowers or greens with twinkling lights. It will make your first kiss as husband and wife  a dreamy one.

2. Ombre Petals on the Aisle

In TV, you'll see that most brides marches on red carpets. You can do that too, but don't limit yourself to red carpets. You can alternatively put ombre petals on the aisle.

3. Incorporate your favorite poem in your wedding vow

Personalized vows have become  a thing these days. Others use song lyrics to come with their own wedding vows. If you're someone who has a thing for literature, why not incorporate your favorite poems in your wedding vow?  If you can look for a poem that describes your partner, that would truly be the best poem to use. 

4.  Arch of swords

If you are marrying a man who has worked for the military, it is a tradition for the two of you to pass through an arch of swords. But since the right of passage is a kiss, the both of you will have to kiss each other until you reach the arch. 

5. Bring your pets

If you and your spouse love dogs you can include them in your ceremony! Especially if you trained them how to behave well. Prep them with a cute bow or flowers and everyone will adore them.

6. Instrumental songs

If you have any favorite songs that you want to hear on your wedding ceremony, why not ask the choir to play an instrumental version of it? Have you heard The Game of Thrones instrumental version or Christina Perri's A Thousand Years? It's certainly one that's perfect for wedding ceremonies. 

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