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6 Essential Details You Must Share With Your Wedding Guests Before The Big Day

Mar 23, 2018

With the list of things you need to do to make your wedding perfect, you can sometimes get off track. Just when you thought you’ve already taken care of everything, that’s when you pause for a minute and realize: your guests have no idea how the events are going to happen. They don’t know when it’s going to take place for where. There’s only a little time left. Luckily, you came across this article, for a list of things you desperately need to disclose to your guests a few days for the big day.

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1.    The details of your registry

It’s an awkward moment for both the guest and for you to receive a gift that isn’t relevant to what you indicated in the wedding registry. No one wants to give a present that’s not appreciated, and no bride is comfortable asking the guest if she has seen the wedding registry. Save yourself the trouble and inform your guests in advance where your registry is.

2.    Destination details

If you’re thinking of letting your guests stay in a hotel, you need to inform them about the check-in details. Of course, information disclosure isn’t limited to hotel accommodations.

It would also be nice to tell them in advance where the specific address of the event will be.

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3.    Local spots

Chances are some of your guests have never even been to your wedding destination before. You’d want to save them the hassle of driving around the place just to look for your site. With that, you might as well as given them a few local spots, which they can use as landmarks. When coming to a new town or city, just the exact address isn’t enough. Having some markers will help your guests come to the wedding site faster and without hassles.

4.    Dress code

Weddings typically come with a particular motif, and part of that is the dress code. With that, you may want to include it in the wedding invitation itself. The guests will surely be looking for it so that they can find the perfect outfit for the wedding.

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5.    Ceremony time

No one likes being late for anything, more so in nuptials. It’s not very comforting to have eyes glaring at you as you walk to the lobby with everyone else already seated.

6.    Rehearsal dinner

Whether your wedding is out of the country or town, it would be best to inform your guests early on, so that they can file a leave of absence for ahead of time for the rehearsal dinner.

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