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6 Icebreakers For Your Guests To Become Friends In Less Than A Minute!

Mar 9, 2018

Your guests will compose of a different group of friends, family, and relatives of each other.  If you were to think about it, it is so hard for 150+ guests to get along especially if this is the first time they met each other.  So we have come up with some icebreakers that can start up a conversation.

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1.    Mad Libs

Start your reception with laughter as guests share their advice to you publicly.  It is the best time to make friends because everyone is in the good mood.  And you will probably laugh your ass off when you read their mad libs back at your apartment!

2.    Wedding guest BINGO

If you want your guests to interact with one another, you can ask them to play this BINGO game.  The rules are easy, you have to converse with other guests until you make a BINGO!  You are playing and knowing each other at the same time.

3.    I Spy

Everyone loves to take pictures and one of the famous icebreakers in weddings is the I Spy.  Set a rule, whoever completes the list first wins a prize.  You and your guests will laugh at this competition in no time at all.

4.    Board games

You can set up a board game rack at your reception and let your guests in each table play one.  Board games can help them interact and make friends but be careful on who you play UNO cards with!  We have warned you!

5.    Jar with icebreaker instructions

Place a jar or a mason jar in the middle of each table with instructions on what each of them should do.  Like, find the one who has the same instruction with him/her.  Take a selfie with this person or ask a silly question he/she needs to answer.

6.    Crossword puzzle

But this is not the typical crossword puzzle that you see in newspapers.  This crossword puzzle is about you and your groom.  For example, what is the name of your pet dog, where did your first met, how long have you been together?  Questions that they can answer together.


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