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6 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Date for Your Big Day

Nov 28, 2017


Ladies!  We know that after getting engaged you are now bombarded with the question “when’s the big day?”.  If you haven’t talked about it yet with your fiancé, we have some helpful tips you can read for you to be able to choose the perfect date for your wedding.  These are just few reminders but this will definitely help you a lot in sorting out.

1. Venue’s Availability

If you and your partner will not be having the ceremony and reception in one place, ask them when the available dates are because booking a venue and the church for wedding needs to be early if you don’t want miss a slot.  There are thousands of Filipinos getting married per year and reservations can be a competition.

2. Season

If you want to have a reception outdoor or a beach wedding, consider the season.  It will be disastrous of you will be having your wedding in the middle of the storm so stay out of that season and choose the sunny ones.   But if you will be having an indoor wedding, like inside the hotel, you can choose any month of the year

3. Guests Availability

Do not remove this on your top priority because they are your visitors.  Guests are commonly unavailable during October 31 to November 2 and Lenten season because they all travel back to their provinces to be with their loved ones.  So be careful on choosing these dates or the closest to these ones.


4. Holidays

As much as it sounds so romantic having your wedding day on New Year’s Eve, you cannot expect everyone to attend because it is a holiday.  And holiday means spending it with their families.

5. Think about you Budget

Would you believe that there is a peak season for marriage?  Yes, it is more expensive to marry in June than in November.  Also, have you ever thought of the availability of flowers?  It can affect your budget if you favorite flower is not in season.  The hotel or resort’s price is also one of the things you need to consider because they, too, have peak and off seasons.

6. Give yourself a time

It doesn’t mean that you need to get married ASAP.  Give yourself time to prepare and enjoy your engagement.  In this way, you can plan things the way you wanted it to without the pressure.  If you have been engaged like October 14 but you want to get married on November 14, you can definitely pick 2018’s November 14 for you to have a room for preparation.  Don’t rush yourself.

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