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6 Tips For Freelancers Who Are New To The Wedding Industry

Mar 9, 2018

Working with no boss because you are the boss is one of your greatest dreams come true.  But how can you be a successful freelancer if no one will guide you?  If you are just about to start freelancing or you’ve already started, you could use some of our tips.


1.       Take challenging jobs

If you only have few experiences why not take challenging jobs?  You will learn and the next time it will be offered to you, you already know what to do.  Taking risks isn’t a bad idea especially if you are going to learn and earn experience from it.

2.       Be confident

You chose to be a freelancer so that means you are already confident with yourself, so don’t doubt your skills even if you screw up!  Confidence is one of the keys to having more clients and a successful business.

3.       Make a website

Having a website will sound more professional to your clients because they can check your schedule, your profile, and your works.  Make helpful blogs and upload quality photos, too!  If you need to shoot, set up a shoot!  It needs to have content.

4.       Separate your job and your personal life

Freelancing means working with your PJ’s and messy hair especially if you are editing photos or baking a cake and that is totally fine!  What we are trying to say here is you need to be professional, don’t let your personal problems get in your way.

5.       Make a schedule

Let us say make a list of goals you need to accomplish this week and articles to you need to read.  If you have a schedule you will be on track, no one’s going to remind you especially if you don’t have a team yet.

6.       Look for clients

If there is a very low demand you need to get yourself out there and look for clients, ask wedding websites if they can feature you or advertise your page using Facebook.  There are a lot of ways now to get people to know your products/services.  Make use of the technology!

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