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Newly Engaged

These conversations are the most crucial ones, maybe the one you are trying to avoid to ask your partner for years because it is not yet the right time to ask for that.  But after your engagement, you need to discuss everything with your soon-to-be spouse.  When we say everything, no more secrets.  One of the keys to a long-lasting marriage is honesty but before we get to that, here are the topics you need to discuss first!

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1.       Where will you live

This is the most important thing to talk about especially if you are living in a different province.  Who will adjust or will you both live in a different place so there will be no hard feelings in the end?  Most of the time, or because of tradition, the girl always go where his husband’s province is.  But if work calls, you need to discuss it.

 2.       Religion

Love knows no religion. No gender. No age.  This topic is very crucial especially if your partner is a devoted one or his/her family wants you to be a member of their religion.  If you do not wish to be one, tell your partner honestly, he will understand it.  We all have different beliefs and we need to respect that.  You can be married through civil, though.

 3.       Career

If you are both career oriented but if you think that your partners' job isn’t going to be an ideal for a married life, do not be afraid to tell him/her that.  Maybe he/she is thinking about it, too!  Or if you are going to live somewhere else and you need to change career that you don’t feel like, this should be discussed.

 4.       Kids

Kids will affect your number three, career.  Because one of you needs to stay at home to watch and take care of them.  Most of the time the girl always stays at home and leaves her job.  But sometimes, men do, too!  Talk to your partner about how many kids you want and your family planning.

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 5.       Money/Budget

For some couple, money is the source of their arguments.  Who’s going to pay for this, who’s going to pay for that?  Remember that your money is one when you get married so don’t be afraid to ask your partner about budgeting.  Discuss with him or her about the monthly expenses, your investments, your savings (if you are going to have separate accounts or not), your emergency money.  Some couple tends to forget to discuss this that is why they are having misunderstandings.

6.       Fights

Well, you have been fighting for years in your boyfriend/girlfriend stage but mind you a married life fight is way different than that.  You will have to deal with laziness, with all their negative attitudes and stuff you don’t like so before anything gets worse, tell your partner not to get mad when you are mad because that only makes the argument bigger.  Wait for an hour until you cool down and talk about it calmly.

 7.       Goals

The key to a successful marriage is to have goals.  Send you kids to school, have a small business before you retire, travel the world when you reach the age of 40.  Goals like that make the couple feel like they still have missions together to accomplish after getting married.  Some people think that marriage is somewhat the “happy ending” that is why they stop dreaming after that, but it is not!  It is just the start of a “happy beginning”!  So set your goals and accomplish it with your other half.

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