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7 Things That Makes a Vow Last Forever

Oct 5, 2017


We have heard a lot of vows that made us teary-eyed and believe in true love.  Have you ever wondered how these people composed their wedding vows with the perfect words to describe every single thing that has happened to them? Or are you looking for some tips on how to compose your very own wedding vow?  Here’s a list that we ready for you so you will be making your audience cry like a baby.

1. How your story started

We often ask the newlyweds friends “how did they met each other?” Or “when did they start dating?”. Let us be informative, not everyone of your guests knows how you met, where you met, etc. A brief story on how you started will give them an idea.  And its a good thing to reminisce for those who has been a witness of your love story. At some point, we have all been in love, thus it is easy for the audience to relate.

2. Tell them your struggles

You’ll agree with this one.  We don’t think that there is a relationship without any problems or has not faced any stuggles.  Every love story has been through many challenges that made them stronger.  This will inspire everyone because it will give hope to many, that a problem is God’s way of making us realize that he/she is the one who will not leave you alone in the midst of the storm. 

3. Promises

This is what a vow means so be sure to include promises.  A promise that is from the heart means everything than a promise that is written on a script.  Be true to it!  No one wants false promises.


4. Avoid inside joke

You don’t want an unresponsive audience, do you? Remember if you crack an inside joke,  you and your partner will be the only one’s laughing in the ceremony.  Yeah, we get that we need a humor on vows but the guests will not even understand what you are talking about.  Be sure to crack a joke where everyone can understand and laugh with you.

5. Practice

If you are not into public speaking then you better practice!  It may sound absurd but there is nothing wrong in practicing.  As what the saying goes “practice makes perfect”.  It will prevent you from stuttering and mispronounced words.

6. Make it short

Ah, yes! People do not get entertained with long speeches, you are not the president and this is not a SONA – kidding! But seriously, if you want your audience to get hooked up, make it short and precise.  A good vow doesn’t take 5 minutes to be meaningful, it take the right words.

7. Watch or read wedding vows

We have watched celebrities ace their wedding vows, we even cry on our cellphone screens while watching them deliver!  You need to watch for you to have an idea on how they composed the sentence and what kind of tone they used.  Watching can simply improve your way of talking and it only cost a little of your time, so why not?

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