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7 Things to Do on Your First Year of Marriage

Feb 2, 2018

After getting married somehow the excitement fades away but you just need to find a couple of things that you enjoy together to keep the love burning.  There are so many things to look forward to in your first year of marriage because all of your firsts will happen in that year.  If you are thinking of some activities that you can share with your other half, you are just in time because that is what we have in store for you!

imagePhoto by Foreveryday Photography

1.       Find a new sport

Let us say that you enjoy biking together when you were just dating and it has become your hobby during the weekend.  Why not try a new sport, let us say badminton.  So you can test each other skills while still being fit.  Try different sports every year, it is exciting!

 2.       Start a new hobby

It can be baking, painting, pottery.  There are a lot of hobbies you both can try and will surely enjoy.  And it is fun to learn something together because you now work as a team.  We know that there is something on your bucket list about it so go on and put a check mark on it.

 3.       Start saving

This is the time to start saving for your future (if you are not living together before you get married).  Think about your dream house, the car that you always wanted to drive and the education of your kids.  If you will think about it there are so many things to save for.

 4.       Book a trip

Aside from your honeymoon, go out of town with your spouse and enjoy each other’s company.  Try making this a yearly habit, maybe for your wedding anniversary?  It is healthy for couples to have an adventure together.  And it is not a waste of money if you are just going to do it once or twice a year.

imagePhoto by Ralph Lee Photography

 5.       Weekly date nights

Or brunch date, lunch date.  Whatever time of the day date!  Reward yourself a good meal at the end of the week and watch movies together.  Make this as a tradition.  So you will have something to look forward to every week especially if your work is stressing you out.

 6.       Host a dinner party

This is exciting at the same time full of work but if you will have your family or friends over to your house and enjoy your food.  It will all be worth it.  And you will feel like responsible adults when you have had a successful dinner party!

 7.       Enroll in a cooking class

In the end, both of you need to learn how to cook even a simple scrambled egg!  Your hubby may not be into cooking but he will if you will both enroll in a cooking class.  Just think about scenarios like this; when you get sick who will cook for you and the kids, of course, it will be your husband.  Marriage is a helping hand.

imagePhoto by Aleksu Studio

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