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7 Things You Should Put In Your “TO RENT” List

Jul 9, 2018

There are some things that are not included in your package when you hire a wedding caterer or a venue. So to double check things, you can ask them if these things will be provided by them. If not these are the possible thing that you should rent for your wedding.

1. Tables and chairs

These are the very important ones because it will be used by your guests and of course you and your partner. But don’t just think about the tables and chairs that are going to be used for eating, count also the tables for musicians, gifts, and extra table where your other vendors can eat.

2. Tent

A tent is not necessary if you are going to have your reception inside a hotel or a closed pavilion. It is only necessary if you are going to have it outdoors. Especially if the weather is unpredictable. You need to have a tent where you can run for cover.

3. Generator

If you are in a private place expect that they don’t have any generators unlike in hotels and resorts. This is only going to be used if the power is out. There are still certain provinces here in our country that is experiencing power interruption most of the time.

4. Linens and dinnerware

You better ask your caterer if they are going to provide these things because most of them do. So that you will not go in trouble looking for linens, napkins, and dinnerware. This also includes glasses and pitchers.

5. Bar

If you want a cocktail bar there are many choices in the market now. You can even hire your own bartender! And this is very useful if your guests love mixed cocktails.

6. Arches and vases

Instead of having someone to make it for you (note: you will spend a lot of cash and where will you put it after the wedding) consider hiring an arch and some vases where you can put your flowers. Your florist will come in handy for this job.

7. Restrooms

This may sound absurd because this will be the first thing that you are going to ask for a venue. But there are certain venues, like on the cliff or in the middle of the forest that doesn’t have any restrooms. But the good news is you can rent some!

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