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7 Tips For Finding The Right Bridesmaid Dresses

Mar 15, 2018

After finding the right wedding dress, there’s another adventure for gowns that awaits you.  It is looking for the perfect gown for your girls!  To make this easy and exciting just like in the movies, here are some tips that you should take note before shopping.

imageBree Esplanada

1.    Google and look for inspirations

Finding the right color means browsing through lots of magazines, be it wedding or Cosmo.  Or using Pinterest and Google to find a shade that works for everyone’s skin tone.  Your journey for the bridesmaid’s dresses will start with an inspiration.

2.    Buy your wedding dress first

Before buying the squad their dresses make sure that you already bought your so you know what fabric, style, and color they should choose, their gown should complement yours, not vice versa.

3.    Shop early

Friendly reminder, you should not procrastinate with gowns!  Why?  Because it takes time to be made, you tailor will take months to finish the dresses and you should make sure that there is enough time for alterations. (It’s hard to resist pizza!)

4.    Buy a size bigger

If your bridesmaids are going to buy a gown, don’t forget to tell them this.  The bigger size is easier to alter than the smaller one.  If they bought a smaller one and it didn’t fit them a month before the wedding you are or they are obliged to buy a new one, and we don’t want that to happen.

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5.    Be budget-friendly

You bridesmaids will pay for their gowns unless you want to shoulder the expenses.  Our friends have different lifestyles and if you have a friend who’s just making enough dough for a living then be budget-friendly.  Don’t oblige her to buy designer gowns.

6.    Choose a shade that works for everyone

If you want to go safe with the shade you can choose the neutral ones like champagne, whisper, blush, smokey taupe, and greige.  Your bridesmaids will love you more because it’s perfect for every skin tone.

7.    Buy/wear the right undergarments

Bra’s and panties aren’t just underwears, they make the shape of our body.  Give tips to your girls about wearing the right undergarments and body shaper (if they need to).  They could use some advice especially those who don’t have any experience yet.  You want them to look beautiful, aren’t you?

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