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7 Valentines Date Ideas For The Anti-Valentine’s Day Couple

Feb 14, 2018

Not all single people hate Valentine’s, some couples do, too!  If you are with someone but the idea of Valentine’s Day makes you sick because it is overrated, it’s okay!  You are not weird, there are many people who are feeling the same way!  We have gathered some Valentine’s Day ideas especially for you who hate celebrating it!

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 1.    Sleep all day!

If you haven’t got your much-needed sleep last weekend, then cuddle and sleep with your partner.  In this way, you can’t see everyone else celebrating it because you are at home.

 2.    Binge watch your favorite TV Show

Yay!  You have a free time together to watch your favorite TV shows, it’s time to catch up with How To Get Away With Murder or other thriller shows that will not remind you of Valentine’s!

 3.    Make a DIY project

Before Valentine’s Day, shop your tools and make a DIY project at home, a bookshelf maybe or a frame that you have been wanting to make for your 1,000 pieces puzzle?

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 4.    Play board games with your friends

If you have single or in a relationship friends who also hate V-day, ask them to come over to your house and play board games so you will not be bored.

 5.    Play paintball or laser tag

Anything that doesn’t require you to be girly and all.  There are many places now that have laser tags and paintball, too!

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 6.    Drink cocktails

Go to your favorite bar and drink some cocktails with your partner and friends.  You can make some at home but cocktails are better made by bartenders.

 7.    Celebrate on a different day

If you hate Valentine’s Day but you love the idea of sharing love and dating, why not celebrate it on a different day?  There will be fewer couples and fewer people in the mall or restaurant.

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