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7 Ways On How To Keep Your Clients Happy And Connected

Mar 7, 2018


We all need to target the “repeat customer” goal because that only means they trust you and loved your products and services. You need to make them happy and you need to stay connected, for them to hire you again. To achieve the goal, we have listed some tips below.

1.    Pay attention to details

Other details may sound not so important to you but it is important to them.  You need to pay attention to your customers’ requests. Make sure you take down notes on every detail that the client gives you to make sure that they will have their dream wedding day come true.

2.    Ask for his/her schedule

Maybe Monday isn’t the best day to have meetings with your client because she has tons of paperwork’s to do or she always has a team meeting during Wednesday.  Ask for her schedule and offer a convenient day for her.

3.    Don’t reply late to emails to texts

If it took you 2 long days to reply to his/her email, expect them to be upset.  You don’t let your clients wait that long for your response. They might even look for someone else because you are not attending their concerns in time.


4.    Update them regularly

Whether she’s running a business or working in the office, you need to update them regularly even if they don’t ask you to.  They will appreciate the effort, trust us! They need to be updated on what’s going on because they ought to know.

5.    Don’t promise something you can’t do

Let us say you are thinking of a way to find her favorite flower even if it is not in season and it is so impossible to find one. STOP. If you know it's impossible, then do not risk it. Don’t make a promise you can't keep. You will just make them upset and your credibility will be shattered. 

6.    Be an expert on what you do

Don’t you ever dare sound like you are not sure of what you are saying when you are talking to them. They will doubt you and your skills. They hired you because they know you are an expert, show them how experts do their job. Be confident!

7.    Add some personal touch

Send them a congratulations card and best wishes for their wedding or a happy anniversary card on their first year of marriage.  You can even extend it to Christmas greetings! Keeping in touch will make it hard for them to forget you.

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