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7 Wedding Planning Tasks To Get Over With ASAP

Mar 28, 2018

There are tasks at home and at work that we don’t feel like doing yet because it irritates and stresses us out, but you are prolonging your agony when you delay those tasks. Here are some wedding planning tasks that you should do ASAP so it won’t keep bugging you.

  1. Seating arrangement

If you don’t personally know your fiancé’s relatives you can ask for his help or your mother-in-law’s.  We know that it is hard to group people especially if they don’t know each other. But if you want it to be stress-free you can just have a free-seating!

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  1. Shot list

Make a list of shots you want your photographer to take on your big day so everything will go smooth.  You are not going to think on the spot of the shots, your guests will be ready, you and your groom will be ready and it will not be time-consuming.  In case you don’t know where to start, we’ve got a list of group shots that you need to have just click here.

  1. Meeting with your vendors

Don’t just talk to your vendors through phone or email; visit and talk to them personally.  This will help you know them well; their products and you can even build a friendship. You are going to need some of the vendors for other occasions, too!

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  1. Complete the guest’s info

Just thinking about this, completing the addresses, phone number, and getting the exact names makes you want to close your laptop.  But it is better to start now than later; in no time at all, you will be surprised that you have completed it before you send your invites.

  1. Deciding on the details

You don’t just tell your wedding planner that you want a dusty blue color scheme; she will be asking you about the color of the napkins, the linens, what glassware to use, plates, vases, what flowers to buy for the ceremony, for the table, etc.  All the little details that you won’t think about when you get engaged!

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  1. Wedding day timeline

Couples don’t just decide right then and there that they should cut the cake already or serve the first-course meal.  No! They made a timeline for that, from the time of the wedding ceremony to their guest’s meal, wedding toast, first dance and everything else.

  1. Get all the important papers

    Before you get to the exciting part which is getting married, you have to get your marriage license first and attend a seminar!  Marriage license here in the Philippines lasts up to 120 days. if you need more information about marriage license just click here.

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