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8 Fabulous Winter Wedding Favors That Your Guests Will Totally Love!

Dec 15, 2017

It is the season of giving and we have some fabulous winter wedding favors in store for you!  These are not hard to find, in fact you can even make some of them DIY like the hot cocoa mix!  Without further a due here are the list of winter wedding favors.

1.       Hot Cocoa Mix

Store it in an ornament or a test tube.  Get creative with the storage and the design!  Make different flavors, too!  Like white chocolate, dark chocolate, or peppermint mocha.  Your guests will surely can’t wait to try that mix when they get home.

imagePhoto by phillyinlove.com

2.       Brownies Mix

Holiday season means more time in the kitchen, baking!  Give them your secret recipe for brownies that they can bake on Christmas Eve or New Years Eve.  They will appreciate the effort and sharing the recipe.  Store it in a mason jar for a creative look!

imagePhoto by littlethingsfavor

3.       Mugs

But don’t buy them the mugs that they can see on malls and shopping stores.  Give them a holiday mug with a personalized touch.  Trust us, this will be their favorite mug during the holiday season!

imagePhoto by myweddingfavors.com

4.       Gloves/Mittens

Keep them warm and cozy on your reception by giving them gloves.  This may sound so simple but it will be very useful!  Because some people are not used to the cold weather and they can use this through the winter season, too.

imagePhoto by Etsy

5.       Mini Bottles of Alcohol

Another best way to warm up our bodies is to drink a little alcohol.  Buy an assorted mini bottles and fill them with whiskey, vodka or brandy.  If they aren’t drinking it, it can be a nice home décor, too!

imagePhoto by shopritewine.com

6.       Tasty Treats

Give them bride and groom themed macarons, peppermint fudge and eggnog cake pops in one box!  That is a whole lot of treat in one box and not only the kids will love it, adults, too!

imagePhoto by notonthehighstreet.com

7.       Snow Globes

Snow globes fits any age, and this toy reminds everyone of Christmas.  Have a personalized snow globes to give to your guests, for example a bride and the groom standing outside a church with snowflakes falling.  Isn’t that cute!

imagePhoto by evermine.com

8.       Snowflake Candle

Light up their house with this adorable snowflake candle.  You can never go wrong in choosing candles because this knows no gender.  And it makes holiday dinner more romantic if you have this one on you table.

imagePhoto by artisanodesigns.com

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