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8 Must-Have Post On Instagram For Your Wedding Business

Apr 13, 2018

By now you already know that your target market is always active on social media.  They even have accounts on every social networking sites meaning they have Instagram.  People love Instagram because of its simplicity. You can share your thoughts through pictures; it's like one active magazine.  Here are the 8 must have photos on your Instagram feed.

1.    Contest/Competition

One of the best ways to gain followers and likes is to have a small contest.  Ask your followers to tag their friends in the comment and follow another wedding vendor (who is doing the same contest, too!) And give them gift cards, latest gadgets, discounts and coupons they can use for the wedding and the honeymoon.

2.    Fun facts

We always love to hear a quick fun fact and what’s funny is this certain fun fact never leaves our mind!  We always remember it every time! You are sharing some knowledge with your clients and potential clients.

3.    Behind the scene


Balloonbabies Parties and Events

If you think that your audience won’t love your BTS, think again!  People like to see how you work, how you make that cake, arrange those flowers, and write that calligraphy.  They are like curious kids and you will be surprised with the likes!

4.    Your clients


Tamayo's Catering

Your potential clients would like to see your previous works, who you work with, and the outcome.  This is where they will base their decision if they would like to hire you or not. This is also a great way to promote your works.




Sayings and quotations have been loved by decades now.  We can still remember how we used to share our favorite quotes to our friends back in high school through a group message.  You can also do it in Instagram and it will get likes like it used to.

6.    Tips

Life hacks and tips are very useful!  Your brides and other members of the entourage will need this!  So don’t forget to post some of your friendly tips for them.

7.    Promote your videos or other social media websites

Instagram isn’t just uploading pictures and GIFs, you can also promote your videos just by pasting the link on your profile.  This is great for videographers!

8.    Humorous post



Every once in a while you can share funny posts to your audience.  Show them that you aren’t serious all the time. Who doesn’t love to laugh anyway?

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