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8 Things Wedding Planners Wishes Their Brides-to-be Knew

Feb 9, 2018

Wedding planning is a roller coaster ride both for the bride and the wedding planner.  It is exciting and stressful at the same time.  So after doing some research, we have come up with the things your wedding planners wish you knew.


 1.    Have a clear budget

Be honest with your wedding planner about your budget because this will help them choose your venue, vendors and alike.  Your wedding budget is everything!  Allocate the money on the important things and the less important ones. 

 2.    You need to communicate

Hiring a wedding planner doesn’t mean that all the decision will be up to her, it is your wedding and you need to keep in touch whether you’re a busy bee or not in order for them to execute your dream wedding.  Having a regular communication with your planner can prevent you from having the worst wedding experience.

 3.    You will still be in control

Some couples think that when they hire a wedding planner, they get to decide everything like they don’t have a choice anymore.  But that is clearly wrong; their job is to help you!  Not to be your wedding boss.  They are here to guide and tell you suggestions because they know what’s the best because they’ve already been in that situation.

 4.    They want your wedding to be a success

That is their main goal!  For you to have a stress-free and successful wedding, for them to have satisfied clients.  They will do their best to make it the best wedding possible for you.  They want to meet your expectations.


 5.    They can get you through a mishap

They are the expert in thinking about a last-minute solution that is why they got this job.  It is very hard to prevent a wedding mishap no matter how prepared you think you are.  But you don’t have to worry because your wedding planner is more prepared than you thought.  And they’ve got Plan A-Z for everything.

 6.    Get your dress ASAP

Finding your perfect wedding dress might take a while, it will take you many trips to different bridal dress shops, tailors, and fashion designers before you get to pick “the one”.  Don’t procrastinate and start looking for it as soon as possible.

7.    You need to click

If you know from your first meeting that you will not click with your wedding planner’s personality then look for another one.  It will be a torture for both!  Trust us!  It is way so much better to work with someone who feels like a friend.

 8.    They want you to have fun

There are here to lessen the wedding stress so you might as well have some fun because that is their goal at the end of the day.  Have a date with your future husband, pamper yourself or have some quality time with your parents.

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