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9 of the Hardest Parts About Getting Married

Mar 15, 2018
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Getting married means facing tough times together just like what you said in your vows, “…for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.” It means braving the storm together even if it is trying to break you apart. If you are just new to marriage or you have been married for a long time, you can use this as a guideline on how to handle the worst-case scenarios.

1. Career Conflicts

There are professions that require you and your partner to fly to another country or to have a graveyard shift. For some of us, the 8 am to 5 pm work is not realistic and it means sacrificing family time. What you can do is to strive more so you can choose a schedule that fits you or make time for your family on your day off.

2. Financial Problems

Your money should not be the one to break you apart because at the end of the day it is just a printed paper.  If you are encountering financial problems, tell it to your partner, because he/she is the first person who is going to understand and help you. Budget and save together!

3. Raising Kids

Ladies and gents, we have different opinions when it comes to the issue of raising our kids, if you disagree and he agrees with some matters, then you should talk about it. No matter how behaved and good your kids are, there will come a time that they will be challenging to handle.

imagePhoto Courtesy of Daniel Talavera Photography

4. Plans to Move

Our job has a huge impact on our family especially if it requires moving after 5 years or so. What if you need to work in a different region and he needs to stay because of his job. Who’s job are you going to sacrifice? And if you have decided to move, make sure that everyone is comfortable with the new community.

5. Infidelity or Cheating

The number one cause of relationship failure is cheating. She caught him sleeping with another girl, he caught her flirting with an officemate. Things like that make our partner trust us less. Commit to your spouse; spice up your relationship instead of cheating!

6. Sickness

Being sick doesn’t mean he/she is already useless. Take care of your partner until they get well. We always rely on them not thinking that they can get sick, too! We know it is tough to do everything but it will be worth all your weariness when they get better.

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7. Immaturity

They say that girls mature faster than boys and that is true!  You will encounter this with your husband once you start living together. Instead of helping you out in the kitchen, they will be too hooked up on their phones, instead of dating you; he will go out on Friday night with his friends. but just be patient, because he will then realize that he is acting like a single man. There are also groups like marriage encounters that you can join to make your marriage grow.

8. Depression

Women often encounter depression right after they give birth. You need to go the extra mile for your wife, make her happy, show her lots of love and how great she is with being a mom and a wife. But if his/her depression persists for an extended time and disrupts the usual activities (like self-care, work, and eating), seek counseling or medical attention.

9. Neglect

Sometimes we are too busy with our job and our kids that we are forgetting our spouse. Don’t forget to spend time together, alone! Even though you are sleeping in the same bed, you will still need quality time. Schedule a date ever two weeks, go out and watch movies or eat in a fancy restaurant.

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