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9 Useful Tips in Planning Your Winter Wedding

Dec 15, 2017

Planning a winter wedding can be exciting but there are some things you need to know first before anything else.  To save your wedding day from mishaps, today we have listed down some helpful tips!  We won’t make it long because we know that you cannot contain your excitement to plan, so here it is!

1.       Timing

When the cold season starts it gets dark easily so if you are going to have an outdoor reception or ceremony make sure to have it during lunch time.  Although winter reception outside sounds nice with Christmas lights, consider your guests who will drive home.  It is hard to drive in the dark.

2.       Always check the weather

Or even make a research on what week did the past snowstorms hit your wedding venue.  Knowing this beforehand can save you from wedding disasters like rebooking for the hotel and your vendors.  There’s a great chance that they might not be available on the said date.

imagePhoto by Charlotte Jenks Lewis

3.       Don’t hold back the glitters

Winter is about festive decorations and you can have as much shimmer as you want.  This will make it look more magical and enchanted.  From your bridesmaids dresses to table decors and wedding invites, don’t hold back.

imagePhoto by Yasmin Khajavi Photography

4.       Always have something to keep your guests warm

Set up a bar of hot cocoa or ask the bartender to make hot drink for the cocktail hour.  Give them wedding favors like blankets or scarves.  This will blend perfectly with the theme, you don’t have to worry if it will not match their attires, because it will match!

imagePhoto by Uttke Photography

imagePhoto by Abby Jiu Photography

5.       Ask your caterer for their holiday menus

Treat yourself and your guests with tasty holiday foods!  No one will tell you that they are on a diet.  Because when December starts that is the end of our month-long diet.  Who can ever resist hams, turkeys and black forest cakes?

imagePhoto by Ryan Ray Photography

6.       Dress up!

It is time to take that white wedding dress to the next level by matching it with a leather jacket, faux fur or a cape to keep you warm throughout the day.  Wedding dress designer have already released their winter collection, go check it out for some inspiration.

imagePhoto by 2 Brides Photography

7.       Look for the perfect venue

Perfect venue meaning you need to look for a place where the guests can park their cars and it is accessible.  Some of your guests will decline your invitation if they find the place too cold or too far for them to travel.

imagePhoto by Amy Nicole Photography

8.       Be mindful about the traffic

Traffic gets worse when the holiday season is just around the corner.  Set up an early call time so no one will be missing when the ceremony starts.  There will be traffic everywhere especially when it starts to rain!

9.       Prep yourself

Moisturize your face and body, don’t ever forget that even if you are so busy planning your winter wedding.  It is not pretty to walk down the aisle with cracked lips and dry skin.  And always bring your chapstick with you.

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