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A List of Wedding Essentials

Feb 16, 2017

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Planning your own wedding can be both a fun and a daunting task, especially when you’re not sure where to begin. So we have here for you a list of the wedding essentials you must never miss:

Wedding guests

First things first, determine the estimated number of people you want to invite. While writing down members of your direct family and soon-to-be in-laws may prove to be the easiest way to start your list, it’s also a great idea to think of the people you want to be there with you on your special day, like friends you can’t imagine going through the wedding without.

Wedding theme

A wedding theme can be the smartest and easiest way to begin the plans for your big day. For starters, look for a color palette or a creative theme that you and your partner both prefer and stick to it. Put in mind that your theme will say a lot about your wedding taste and style, so make sure you choose one that defines you as a couple.

Wedding reception

Once you’ve decided on a wedding theme, all other details such as your reception decors should now come naturally. Look for a wedding reception that can not only accommodate your party but can also allow you to celebrate your big day smoothly. Remember that your reception is where you throw your very first party as a married couple, so choose a venue you can happily create memories in.

Wedding décor

Your wedding decors may define the overall outcome and vibe of your wedding and are a way for you to show your personal preferences and style. Carefully go through everything detail by detail—from the garlands of flowers draped fabulously on the ceilings to the personalized, monogrammed napkins on the reception tables—to make sure nothing is overlooked.

Wedding caterer

Having a wedding means throwing one of the biggest parties of your life. So have a caterer who can not only whip up a delicious menu to blow your guests’ taste buds, find one who can also provide quality service. Always consider that regardless of how amazing the food was if not served adequately and on time, it may still result in unsatisfied guests.

Wedding dress

It’s hard to hear the word “wedding” and not see a vivid image of yourself waltzing in a beautiful wedding dress. You always hear “it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it”, still you must also put in mind that the dress still does matter. And whether or not you know the kind of fabric or silhouette you want your dress to be, it’s important that you add your personality to it.

Wedding rings

Remember the engagement ring you got when he proposed? Remember how it felt like to be the luckiest lady in the world? Well, exchanging rings at the ceremony is a whole lot more than that. Your wedding rings are not only a keepsake for you to give to each other, reminding you each day of the vows you have shared—it’s also a symbol of how you two promised to tie your lives together.

Wedding cake

A wedding cake is one of the main attractions in most receptions and, although it’s not compulsory, we promise you that having a sweet confectionery on your wedding day is a sure win. Most brides agree that a beautiful, tiered cake is now considered a staple for a wedding. Take good measure in deciding the best cake to go for by tasting it first.

Wedding flowers

We can’t imagine a wedding without flowers—from your lovely bouquet to the eye-catching centerpieces on the reception tables. Clearly, flowers play a huge role in your venue and reception decors. Mind that choosing the kind and color is not only important but can make or break the results. Our tip is to follow your theme and your personal sense of style and you’ll be set.

Wedding favors

A great way to show your gratitude to your family and friends for being there for you on your wedding day can simply be expressed through wedding favors. It’s a surefire way to make them feel appreciated and important, plus it will serve as a constant reminder to your guests of how great your wedding was and what a gracious host you have been to them.


Your wedding is one of the best moments of your life that you never want to forget, and surely you would find yourself wishing you could return to that wonderful day again. And what best way to preserve the magic and memories of your special day than through wedding photos and films. Being able to relive your wedding day over and over is just beyond priceless.

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by Shane

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