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Books Wedding Planners Should Read

Jun 13, 2018


Out of all the different events to plan, weddings are probably the most difficult to manage. When one attends a seminar or a similar event, he most likely wouldn't remember the order of events several weeks from the day of occurrence. Weddings, on the other hand, are sure to leave a dent on the hearts of the couple, as well as that of the guests. 


This is one of the reasons why a lot of experienced planners find themselves a bit overwhelmed when managing a wedding for the first time. Knowledge is power, and what better way to acquire knowledge than through the help of books. There are lots of books on wedding planning to date. The challenge for planners looking to enter the the wedding industry is finding the right ones to read. 

We happened to collect a list of the best wedding planning books for beginners today. Check them out below. 

The Best Wedding Planning Books to Read
Fete: The Wedding Experience by Jung Lee and Kathleen Boyes

Jung Lee is an experienced wedding planner whose career first sprouted in New York. I highly recommend novice wedding planners to read "Fete: The Wedding Experience" where you will read about his journey from rags to riches as a wedding planner. Apart from sharing his standard checklist for wedding planning, you will also encounter life lessons from the wedding planning guru himself.


There are lots of resources out there that promises to know the secret to intense wedding planning, but rarely will you find one that is actually of value. This book by Jung Lee and Kathleen Boyes is one of the valuable and infrequent books you will ever find. 

Anna and Lizzie Post’s Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette

“Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette” is already in its sixth edition. You know what that means? It means the book must have been a demand for it to have a series of different versions. 


You'll find information about how advanced technology plays a crucial role for the 21st century wedding. On top of that, the author also emphasizes the importance of etiquette in shaping the big day of the bride and groom.

A Practical Wedding by Meg Keene

This is yet another amazing read from Meg Keene. This is a decent resource of experienced wedding planners, as well as those who have yet to make a step forward in the industry. 

Just like the rest of the books mentioned here, this one also shares some valuable tips about planning a wedding, but the best part about this wedding resource would be probably be how it teaches newbies and intermediate planners alike how to plan a wedding, minus the stress. 

Darcy Miller’s Celebrate Everything: Fun Ideas to Bring Your Parties to Life

This one isn't actually focused on weddings. However, a lot of wedding planners consider it as a valuable resource because it shares a lot of fantastic and fun ways to plan a wedding. 


The Loverly Wedding Planner: The Modern Couple’s Guide to Simplified Wedding Planning by Kellee Khalil

What's unique about this book is that apart from teaching you the basic mechanics of wedding planning, it also tells you a thing or two about navigating the modern day wedding.


Apart from a thorough discussion of some of the latest trends, this one also aids you in promoting a wedding date through social media. It will teach you all things novel about weddings. Say goodbye to traditional weddings. It also gives some tips on managing a wedding for same sex marriage. 

Have you chosen a book to read before your first wedding planning gig? Do share your thoughts with us on the comment section. Also, if you found this article helpful, help us encourage better wedding planning by liking and sharing this article with your friends. 
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