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Boutonnieres and Corsages: Who Wears Them?

Jan 4, 2018

These little details will allow your guests to know who are the important part of your wedding ceremony and your life, too!  If you are new to wedding planning and you don’t know what are boutonnieres and corsages are, search no more because you are in the right place to know all the facts about it!


What are boutonnieres?

Boutonnieres is commonly a single type of flower or a metal charm or a group of two to three flowers that are placed on the upper left part of the man’s suit.

What are corsages?

Corsages are the female type of boutonnieres, they are placed on the wrist and is commonly a group of flowers with greenery.  This may sound familiar to ladies because it has been a part of their prom.

Who wears them?

The parents and grandparents of both parties are given these because they are the special ones in the ceremony.  Bridesmaids, groomsmen and also the ushers are given the opportunity to wear them. 


How to keep them fresh?

If you are given this the night before the wedding you can store it in the refrigerator but do not place them near or inside the freezer because they will look horrible once you get them out.  Spray a flower sealant on the day of the wedding for it to look fresh throughout the day.

What flower to pick?

Go for your favorite flower!  This is the time to choose it!  If it is too expensive to be an altar or ceremony décor, you can go with corsages and boutonnieres because this doesn’t require you to buy a bunch of them.

When to order?

Make an order of these flowers to your florist a month before the wedding so he/she can have time to look if the flower of your choice is not in season.


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