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Bridal Shoes: How to Choose Your Sole-mate?

Dec 27, 2017

There are many shoes to choose from and by many, we mean hundreds and thousands of wedding shoes!  It is both exciting and frustrating to buy wedding shoes because 1. You will get to try different brands and styles and girls love that idea 2. It is hard to find the perfect one 3. It is time-consuming.  So for you to be able to find the perfect sole-mate easily we have listed down some tips for you!

1.       Choose comfortable

The shoes you love might be stunning because it is 5 inches but will you ever be comfortable walking with it down the aisle without wobbling?  Or can you wear it for 8 hours or so without getting your feet hurt?  Choose something that you are comfortable with.  Just like how you chose your man. ;)

imagePhoto by Tim Medrano Photography

2.       Take some measurements

You should know the length of your wedding dress before buying your wedding shoes.  Ask your dressmaker on how many inches you can wear.  You don’t want to look funny on your wedding day just because you have chosen the wrong height of your shoes.

3.       Choose it according to your theme

With that said, you cannot wear pointed heels at a garden wedding or a beach wedding.  For garden and beach wedding try choosing wedge or flats, sandals are very appropriate for a beach wedding.

 imagePhoto by MelonDice Photography

4.       Practice with them

A week or a month before your big day, practice wearing your dream shoes so it will adjust to the size of your feet and you will be comfortable to wear it when your big day comes.  You will know how to walk and balance, too!

5.       Choose a shoes that make you feel confident

We don’t know why but shoes make us more confident, it makes us more proud and we feel really beautiful.  In short, maybe we feel like we’ve won the Ms. Universe or something, right?  So choose something that you feel confident in, so you will walk down the aisle like walking down on a runway or a pageant.

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