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Career Versus Love: What Is Really the Right Answer?

Mar 7, 2019


Imagine if your partner gives you an ultimatum and asks you to choose between career and love. Strong workaholics would rather choose their ambitions, while hopeless romantics would, of course, choose love. It is a difficult question to answer because each and every person has different priorities in mind and different views in life.

If you are having a hard time deciding about this career or love decision—whether you are in a relationship, engaged, married, or still finding yourself—keep on reading.


Choosing Career Over Love

Everyone knows that a good career can make a good life. With a projecting promotion, high salary, and personal goals, you can definitely have it all—that apartment you want, the car of your dreams, those clothes by the elites, and all those tangible possessions you have been fantasizing of. You work hard and smart from day to night, and yes, you totally deserve all of these.

How’s life after eight working hours? Does pursuing extra time in the office ensure your genuine happiness? What about if you had a bad day at work? Who will you vent your feelings to, or how will you blow off some steam? Are you ready to settle down with just material things? Is this the life you really want to live the rest of your life? Does your career alone make you really feel alive and love your life?


Choosing Love Over Career

Seven continents and eight billion people—just imagine how big the world is. Indeed, you are lucky if you find the one because true love is hard to find. Falling in love is easy, yet it takes a lot of courage. But it is worth it. Isn’t it? Having a special someone who truly cares about you, someone who supports you all the way, someone who is by your side from all the good and the bad is priceless.

However, focusing on too much love might not be wise. Would it really be all right to give up on your dreams for someone? Would you not regret letting a promotion go? Would you not blame your partner or even yourself once a great career opportunity passes? Would you not be envious seeing your friends, or colleagues excelling in their work? Will your relationship be enough for the rest of your days?


Choosing Career And Love

You must remember, you and your lover are two different people. Both of you have different priorities. Since you are together, what really matters? His/her happiness? Yours? Or both? Every relationship has its own path to achieve happiness and true love can withstand all the odds.

Whether you are in a relationship, getting married, or already tied the knot, you must know this: career and love shall hand in hand. There is no point in choosing between the two because, with the right person, you can also have the career that you want. Thus, have them both.

A good-going relationship is always bound to work because of the true love and endless support you give to each other. Having someone who provides support and believes you will (proven and tested) lead you to a growing career. A wonderful relationship with your partner inspires you to work at life and everything else—the untold secret why people thrive.


Love should not be hard, but it does take some sacrifice. The most common sacrifice? Time.

If both of you are working five days a week, you can always spend time after work and every weekend. If you and your husband cannot match your days off, why not plan breakfast dates instead? If you and your lover are on a long-distance relationship, set video calls during your free time.

It all takes a proper balance and time management between the two of you. If you really love your partner, you can always work things out. We often hear this during wedding vows that with a happy heart comes with a happy mind, and therefore, a happy life!


That will always be a dilemma between love, family, and career, but you can always balance all these aspects out.

Your boss can hire another once you failed the deadlines. But your loved one? Irreplaceable! Also, what are the point of these career promotions and physical possessions if you have no one to share it with? Be it career or partner, it is true love that can complete whatever that is (or are) you are searching in life.

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