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Choose a Photographer Who Can Capture the Right Moments

May 29, 2018


It is always better to live in the moment than life behind the lenses. However, there are memories we want to keep inside photographs, hoping that we can relive the feeling and emotions of that instant. Photographs also preserve the scenes more than our brains can hold on to. Our memories deteriorate through the years; keeping memorabilia is a great way for us to remember. Someone’s wedding is just one of the occasions that we should capture in cameras.

As Ed Sheeran sings, “we keep this love in a photograph; we made these memories for ourselves.”

Photography is just another type of art that beauty and consumption depend on who is looking at it. But, great photographers can make you be part of the landscape without being even there in the first place. Art does not necessarily have to be alluring in your eyes; they just have to make you feel things. Who wouldn’t want to document and relive their wedding day, right?

Wedding pictures will make you remember how much you were in love while saying, “I do.” How much you are scared to start a new chapter of your life, but you dive in any way because you trust your partner to be there for you at all times. And how all your loved ones share the special day with you. It is such a beautiful view, but before we get too emotional, we just want to remind you of the things you need to think of in getting your wedding photographer. We got to make every click and every shot count!

Photographer’s Portfolio

One of the first things to look out for is the photographer’s portfolio. Do the photos convey the feeling of the moment? If you do not feel any emotion while looking at their collection, they may not be the right one for you. Pictures are meant to tell stories; you want them to take yours to tell your own story. How can the photographer capture what you want if they can’t make their clips speak? Remember, a good photograph does not have to be in vibrant and vivid colors. Even black and white scheme can make hearts bleed. Look for that.

Photographers have their own style, and each one portrays their personality as much as the ambiance of the moment they are taking. Here are some photography styles to make you think things through:

  • Portraiture – is the classic shots where you pose for your wedding. These are the photos that are good for framing. It can be that family portrait that your parents hang in the master’s bedroom. And no, they are not necessarily dull. Photographers can create a dramatic touch and charismatic realm through those eyes looking straight at the camera.

  • Documentary – if you love candid shots the best, this is the style you should look out for. It is very spontaneous, and it captures the moments as they are. It is the kind of photography that tells the story immensely.

  • Fine Art – while photography is already art on itself, fine art style adds different dimensions like grain and they appear to look dreamier. If you are into those breath-taking filters, this is the one for you.

  • Edgy and Bold – is like fine art that is taken to another level. This style experiments in different angles and unconventional framing. If you want to get out of the box, book a photographer that specializes in this.

Lighting is essential. You know when we take a selfie and lighting is right and we appear so much better in it? It is frustrating to take pictures when it is too dark, or the lights are too yellow more than white and bright. Great natural light is still the best option. However, if you have an outdoor reception at night or a church wedding (indoors light can be bad at times), make sure to get a photographer who is excellent in that kind of lighting environments. Some photographers use black and white when the events are held at night. It will give you a clue that they are not comfortable in that setting. Make sure you discuss with the photographer your overall set up so they can also adjust for you. Photography is not magic; it is more than skills and talents, it is hard work and effort as well.

Package and Output Delivery

Aside from the portfolio, you should also look for the full album the photographers worked on in the past. This will show you how creative and flexible they are in themes and motifs. If their designs and packaging are almost the same or identical to each other despite different wedding designs and styles, it should give you the impression that they do not really pay attention to details and just go about with their scheme. Every photo album should hold a unique element that only that particular couple has. While photography is not magic, art is. The full albums say so much about the photographer’s ability to tell stories.

Also, it is imperative to know how long it takes the photographer to finish editing, printing, and styling. The fastest delivery does not always mean a quality result. See if you can determine if the photographer you choose is too in demand because they may tend to do the work in haste but subpar.

You may also want to ask if they will publish or post your photos online. If you do not want that, you can talk to them about it and see what both parties can do about the contract. Make sure that you know the entire package that they offer and the price it comes with it.

Know Your Photographer

Some models and photographers instantly click, and it does not take them too many shots to get the ‘best picture.’ There should be that kind of harmony; you should like and be comfortable with the photographer, and one of the best ways to figure it out is to know them and their own life story. How did they get into photography? What drove their passion?

One of our favorites in the photography industry is Daniel Talavera Photography. We are so inspired by his story that we know he can tell yours amazingly. Daniel is living proof that it is never too late to go after your passion. He is a registered nurse and a wedding photographer at the same time. They say we are lucky if our passion is also our career, but what if they are two different things? Daniel proved that it is possible and you can still excel in both. If his story is inspiring, that will transpire in his crafts as well.

Daniel Talavera Photography aesthetic is minimalist, clean, candid, and relaxed. They both use natural and artificial light efficiently.

As Daniel says, “I love capturing natural emotions and moments against a beautiful backdrop such as nature or ruins that stood the test of time. Giving my subject the attention it deserves. I believe that the simplest photos are often the most beautiful; it gives you a sense of wonder.

You can learn more about Daniel Talavera Photography here.

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