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Choosing the music for the father-daughter dance

May 17, 2018


For the wedding guests, the appearance of the wedding event and the bride is the main highlight, but for the wedding candidates themselves, there is nothing more important than moments like traditional wedding vows or perhaps the father-daughter dance.

There are two reasons why your father will feel emotional at this stage. One, they have waited a lifetime (your lifetime) to wait for this special moment to come. Two, it's quite demanding for the father to look go of his princess.

With that, the father-daughter dance is considered as a significant part of the wedding, especially for the parents. Seeing as how essential it is, one cannot ignore the proper ways of choosing the best music for the father-daughter dance.

Lucky for you, we at BG Bridal Gallery decided to give you a bit of a helping hand. Here are some ways for you to select the perfect for the father-daughter dance.

Trace the relationship of the father and daughter


How do you interact with your father? Are you the type who typically has an emotional relationship with your dad, or are you the fun type?

Some people openly show their love for their parents, whereas others show their affection through wittiness.

One way for you to make your moment more memorable is by choosing a music piece that best catches your relationship with your father. If the two of you are the jolly type, you may want to go for happy music, whereas if you prefer to be sentimental with each other, then slow dance may be more appropriate.

Read the Lyrics

The wedding would see a father and daughter dancing together, but as for the bride and the dad, what they see are memories being summed up by a music piece that they chose together.

It’s essential for both the bride and the father to get the feel of the two of them dancing together before the bride changes her surname. One way to find the best song that best clicks for the father-daughter experience are by reading the lyrics. Songs aren’t supposed to be just a combination of different instrumental sounds. It also has a story beneath it.

For some people, traditional wedding vows or personal vows is what the wedding day is about. While that’s true, there are certain moments which stays with the people involved years after the wedding, and one of them is the father-daughter dance.

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