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Choosing the Venue for Your Prenuptial Shoot

May 2, 2018

So… you’ve finally decided to tie the knot! Congratulations! As modern traditions dictate, engaged couples usually make their engagement official through streams of Facebook photos of them holding hands while walking on the beach together, the groom-to-be sweet-carrying her lady in some garden, or the bride-to-be planting a soft kiss on her man.

While others do away with this modern practice, others want to shout to the world their undying love for each other by planning a prenuptial shoot. What must you do then, if you opt for one? Here are some important things to consider:

Weather Conditions


Photo courtesy of: Daniel Talavera Photography

If it’s cold outside, a summer-themed prenuptial shoot should be out of the picture. It is way too impractical to set up a stage of sunshiny walk in the park. So before booking a photographer, make sure have already checked the weather because it can help you determine what outfit to wear, not to mention the places where you can do the shoot.

Your Hobbies and Interests as a Couple


Photo courtesy of: Polespino Photography

Some couples are not that interested in sports but since some twosomes who play hoops together look cool, they decide to also follow suit. Nah. That wouldn’t spell Y-O-U, in plural form.

Think of something you love doing together. You must have some common ground with your lifetime partner-to-be; else, you would not have reached this far.

Love baking and eating ‘em right away in the kitchen? Bring your photographers there! Have a thing for the great outdoors? Head off to the mountains (alert: this might call for additional expense on your part.) The point is your prenuptial shoot must not only be all about fanfare. It must be something that will bring both of you closer and dearer to each other.

A Place Which Means a Lot to Both of You


Photo courtesy of: Armand Ansaldo Photography

So you met in high school and went separate ways in college. But then he still tried to catch up with you at a café downtown. There, he first confessed his admiration for you. There was also where he eventually fell in love and kissed you for the first time.

Travel back down memory lane and restore all those memories. Visit your Alma mater and ask the school head if you can go around and revisit the classrooms, corners, or secret alleys you used to hang out. Be kids again, even for this particular moment. Later, you’d be happy you did.

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