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Complete List of Do’s and Don’ts on Your Wedding Registry

Jan 8, 2018

Most of the time this is not the top priority of the couple because they are into planning and planning and planning.  But what they don’t realize is this list is the most important to their guests.  because this is their cheat sheet on what they should give you on your wedding day.  This will help them sort out and choose the perfect gift for you and your hubby.  For a better list of the registry, ask your hubby on a lunch date and work on the list together because this will all go to your future house.


1.       Don’t ask for money

This is an impolite thing to do and some of your guests would love to go shopping to buy something on your registry.  Asking for money sounds simple because you can buy what you really want, but in some way, personally chosen gifts are much better!

 2.       Do ask for something useful

Ask for something that you and your partner can use in the future.  Because there will be some case that you both already have everything before settling down.  So asking something for future use will always come in handy.

 3.       Do not ask for branded things

By branded things, we mean designer bag, shoes, and clothes.  This isn’t the right time for that and this is not your birthday.

 4.       Don’t include pricey items

Yes, you might want this expensive pans and Kitchen Aid mixer but first of all, think if they can afford to buy these.  Some guests are generous enough to buy you these things especially your principal sponsors but what about those who only have enough money.


 5.       Do not limit your list

In this way, you will give your guests enough items to choose from.  Do not list the same amount of registry to the number of guests that will attend your wedding.

 6.       Don’t make it at the last minute

Give your guests time to buy.  Or maybe order the things you want online.  If you send your registry on the last minute chances are there will only be few thing that’s going to make it to your wedding day.

 7.       Do review your list

Reviewing your list means two things, adding something that you forgot and crossing out something that is not necessary.

8.       Do give a thank you not

Make a thank you note in advance that will be given to your guests.  In this way, you can personally reach them because you will not have enough time to thank them one by one on your wedding.

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