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Creative wedding ring shots

Feb 16, 2017

Are you thinking of giving your wedding rings some love and getting them their own photo shoot? Here are some clever shot ideas you can explore.

1) Show off those engravings

image Photo by: Ray Cañoneo Photography

To make the picture more personalized, how about you give your loved ones a sneak peek of what you have engraved on your wedding rings?

2) Accessorize it

image Photo by: Geo-Anne Photo

Don’t be afraid to use some of your other wedding accessories for the shot. When placed correctly and creatively, they can make the whole ring picture even more stunning.

3) Add some blooms

image Photo by: 12Masters Photography

Literally lay your rings in a little bed of roses (or any kind of flowers for that matter). It adds that romantic touch to the shot as well as giving it a little bit of sophistication..

4) Use textures and colors

image Photo by: Joseph Requerme Photo

To make your ring shot truly one of a kind, take advantage of props that give the illusion of texture. It can take the whole thing to a whole new level. Some added colors would be brilliant too.

5) Highlight your engagement ring

image  Photo by: Empire Events Cebu

Pretty sure everybody wants to see what the ring that started it all looks like. Give your engagement ring its own time to shine and sparkle.

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