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Dazzling Diamond vs. Gorgeous Gems: What Ring Should I Put on It?

Jul 6, 2017


Would you believe me if I tell you that Mariah Carey is yet the luckiest woman on Earth? More than her beautiful voice, every lady out there can envy her as much as they want as the American pop singer simply owns the most expensive engagement ring so far - a 35K Diamond and Platinum metal band, which costs a staggering $10M! Too bad they did not end up on their way down the aisle.

Rings, with its endless, circular shape symbolize infinity and everlasting love, especially among couples. Though a wedding can push through with or without an engagement ring present, this tiny metal band is a physical symbol of a man's promise and will to marry her lady love. Most of the time, it is the gentlemen who are expected to offer a ring on bended knee during a marriage proposal. In turn, it would take the ring as an agreement that she is willing to spend her life with him and get married anytime soon.

Other than important factors such as man's purchasing power, their budget, the ring's type, design, and color, choosing the perfect ring falls into two considerations: first, what is in line with their beliefs and the cultures they are in and second, what is hot and trending in this modern days.

So, knowing men aren't much into complicated fashion stuff (unlike their female beaus!)  We bring you this noteworthy comparison of having diamond or gemstones as an engagement ring. Bonus: In this article, we dig dipper on the meanings behind your favorite colored gems.


Coined as the hardest element found on Earth, white sparkling diamonds are a classic symbol of everlasting and genuine love. Tagged as a girl’s best friend, rings embellished with diamonds are the most common choice for engagements. This elegant ring type is perfect for couples who prefer to stick with what is common for all but still timeless. Its value is measured in Carat - the higher the value, the expensive your ring will be. Diamond also comes in different colors, but all say nothing but unending love.


On the other hand, colored gemstones are quickly becoming the modern girls' BFF. Equally expensive as diamonds, but much rarer than them. Colored stones are great for ladies who have unique tastes who are trying to get away from the usual diamond option. When you happen to be a strong believer of a certain culture or belief such as the Chinese Feng Sui, then these colored gems are worth giving a try. Surprisingly, each gem comes in different color and shades, wherein a particular hue has meanings behind it. Depending on the color, rings with precious gems are said to attract different kinds of energies to its wearer.

  1. Dark Red - This gemstone color symbolizes passion and strength, power and love. Give it to your loved one as a symbol of your oath to love her eternally. Best examples of this gem are rubies and garnets.

  2. Light Blue - Associated with the color of the ocean, aqua colored precious stones are believed to offer safety to seamen. Just like Zircon, gems in blue shade speak for mental clarity and good health.

  3. Dark Blue - This gem color reminds you to always be loyal and honest to your partner. Blue Topaz, Blue Sapphires, along with other blue colored gems tell you to keep the romance alive.

  4. Brown/Golden Brown - If you are inviting stability, dependability and harmony energies on your relationship, then these precious stones are a perfect choice for your engagement ring.

  5. Yellow - Perfect example of a yellow gemstone is quartz, yellow topaz and yellow sapphires. Symbolizing enthusiasm, this particular color is said to attract happy energy. Thus perfect for optimistic, sociable individuals.  The wearer is also reminded to give the best shot in her married life.

  6. Green - Green colored precious stones like Peridot, Emerald, Turquoise, and Jade are the most in-demand choice for modern day engagement rings. Wear this color for a happy and successful marriage. Green gems are believed to improve someone's fertility, luck and provides long life.

  7. White - It is said that a ring with white colored precious stone brings about love that will last a lifetime. Speaks for simplicity, elegance, innocence, and harmony, opal and Pearls are best examples of these gems.

  8. Purple - Amethyst symbolizes nobility, spirituality, class, enlightenment, and serenity.

  9. Black - As opposed to its negative perception, black precious stones like agate signify prosperity fidelity and strength. It is essential for sophisticated brides to be.

So with all these fashionable ring ideas, are you now ready to pop the big question yet? Share us your thoughts!

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