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In Filipino tradition, it has been an SOP to choose your sister to be your Maid of Honor.  But there are some factors where you can choose your best friend instead of your sister. We know the real struggle of choosing between two special girls in your life, aside from your mom.  Here are some of the reasons why you should and shouldn’t choose your sister.

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1.    Think about her age

Being the Maid of Honor means a lot of time with the bride planning the wedding but if your sister is below 21 years old she will definitely understand.  Because let’s face it, she’s not old enough to handle all the responsibilities. Just assign her another special role like reading and giving a toast on the reception.

2.    You’re not that close

If she is your half-sister and you are not that close, it is totally fine to choose your close friend or best friend.  She will understand this, just make sure to talk to her before anything else. But if you are close and you know she’s best for that role, choose her.

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3.    You have more than one sister

Okay, this is kinda hard because you don’t get to choose between your sister and your best friend.  You have to choose between your sister and your other sister and that is so nerve-wracking! If your other sister is already married you can choose her as your Matron of Honor and the other one as Maid of Honor.  But if they are both single you can choose them as co-Maid of Honor of each other. To avoid the tension.

4.    You are close and she’s the only sister you have

By all means, YES!  Choose her! She’s looking forward to your wedding day and helping you out with the planning.  This is the day she wouldn’t miss for the world!

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