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Do’s And Don’ts You Should Know Before Choosing Your Maid of Honor

Oct 19, 2017


One of the hardest decisions you have to make in your wedding is choosing your maid of honor.  Why?  Because some of your family members or closest friends may sulk if you did not happen to choose them.  We know that you are having a hard time and our job is to help you figure things out so we have listed some do’s and don’ts that you should know before choosing one.

Do choose a family member

If you have a sister, she must be on top of your list!  Trust us, if you don’t chose her, she will never forget it! (True story) She is your partner in crime, the one you grew up together with, the one who knows all your stinking flaws but still loves you and see how beautiful you are as a person.

Don’t choose a family member that you aren’t close with

It is not that necessary to choose your cousin that you haven’t seen for years or you haven’t really played with when you were still kids.  And if you chose one do you even know her likes and dislikes?  Does she like being involve with many people and such? This will avoid you from having awkward situations.


Do choose someone who knows her responsibility

We know that it will be a pleasure to anyone if she has been chosen as a bridesmaid but pick someone who knows what she is doing, bridesmaids should help you in every way possible and they should not cause you headache of some sort.

Don’t pick someone who is Ms. Know-it-All

We sure don’t like someone who bosses around especially if it is OUR big day not theirs.  If you want to save yourself from anger, avoid choosing someone who has that kind of attitude.  Yeah, maybe she knows it all, but you can also figure it out or maybe come up with a better idea than hers.


Do choose someone you like

After all, it is your wedding and you are the bride!  Choose someone you like.  It doesn’t mean that if you have been a maid of honor in their wedding, you should pick her, too, in yours.  There is no rule like that.  Or you are feeling guilty because you haven’t chosen anyone on your grooms’ side; it is okay if you aren’t that close to them.  We all have the freedom to choose.

Don’t pick in a hocus pocus way

If you still cannot pick, please do not guess. Try considering who supports your love life or marriage the most.  Who has been there with you and your future hubby to be when the odds are not in your favor?  At this point, maybe you can now think of some girls you can include in your list

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