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Easy Ways To Deal With a Bridezilla

Mar 2, 2018

For those people who don’t love planning expect them to be irritable same with those people who want everything to be perfect.  And at some point, we will experience that kind of customer/client. So if you are worried that you might face her one of these days here are the easy ways to deal with a bridezilla.


1.    Sympathize

We have a lot of problems to deal with in our everyday lives, same as your bridezilla.  Although it is so easy to ditch her, try to imagine if you are in her shoes, you can even be worse than her.  Right?  So sympathize with her situation, if she knows that you care she might have a change of attitude.

 2.    Prepare your staff

If you will be working as a team it is better to brief your staff about her, what she likes, what she hates and her attitude so they will know how to properly react or answer with a certain situation.  In short, you have to prepare everybody to prevent future problems.

 3.    Maybe it’s just hormones?

Some days are bad and some days are like spring with fresh air and full of positive vibes.  Maybe the first time you met her she’s having trouble at work or she’s having that time of the month?  Treat her with kindness even if she’s the most difficult client to deal with, always look on the brighter side.

 4.    Keep Calm

Even if she shouts at you, curse the goddamn paperwork that is laid out on her table, keep calm.  She is experiencing stress like everyone else, just a different level because she has so much on her plate.  Be the one that levels her out. 

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