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In the digital age today, most of us or probably all of us want to have a perfect angle in front of the camera. The world now is full of selfies and groupies wherein in just one click, it will be posted worldwide. Particularly for the couples, they are so into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites sharing their special moments together. For engaged couples, probably they use these sites to have some engagement photo ideas. 


Going to your engagement photo shoot session might be challenging especially if you do not have any engagement photo ideas. But one thing is for sure, you want your engagement photos to be at their finest! So, before searching and taking poses, you should need a professional photographer. He will be able to recreate poses and make new engagement photo ideas. 


To help you with your decision making, here are some creative engagement photo ideas that will surely fit for your engagement pictorial. Have fun, be creative and ensure that your love and astounding personalities shine through! 

1. The Traditional Pose

The traditional pose is the most typical engagement photo ideas to shoot. Side by side shots normally captures the couple sitting, walking or maybe even dancing cheek to cheek. These shots are usually made up of a series of pictures that include head and shoulders, full body and half body shots while you and your fiancé or fiancee are looking dearly to the camera. 


While this traditional pose normally does not showcase a lot of personality, these shots are perfect to include in save-the-dates. After all, your invited guests want to see the wonderful couple and it may be a  great souvenir for them to put it in a frame. 

2. The Reflective Pose

These kinds of engagement photo ideas are shot to convey more of feelings. They convey your love story in front of the camera very quietly and secretively. To capture these virtuously and attractively, it is best to do it candid and unplanned. You need a skilled photographer to capture these scenes. There are many options for these shots to make as a background, from open sunny grassland to gorgeous waves or magnificent mountains. 


Photo by Daniel Talavera Photography

Professional photographers often captured these between posed types of shots while sharing beautiful moments together as a couple. Just remember to empty your mind for a while and relax so you can enjoy the photo shoot with your loved one. Cherish every moment! 

3. The Embrace Pose

For couples who do not like to be intimate in front of other people because they are not comfortable with it, a simple embrace is enough for it is a figurative gesture of love and makes a beautiful photograph. Who does not love a hug, anyway? Especially if it comes from your true love, you will feel safe and secure. By doing this pose, for girls, your partner may wrap his arms around while he stands behind you or you can embrace him facing each other like he is giving you a hug. 


Photo by Ray Bien Maglonzo Fashion Designer

Engagement photo shoot can become dull and boring if you are in stationary poses all throughout the session. So, it is better to take this creative shot and do not be afraid to show that you are a kid at heart. Besides, it is sweet to show off your fun-loving personalities by doing piggyback poses with your partner. 

4. The Detailed Pose

It is true that wedding is all about intricate details. So, from a detailed view of your glistening engagement ring up to close shots of your toes and hands – these symbolically depict your love in the humblest forms.


It is time to take special tokens of love while striking a pose. Another shot for this is holding hands while walking on the beach with the engagement rings are up close. 

5. The Almost Kiss Pose

Probably you want at least to have the engagement photo ideas by sharing a kiss. But if you are too shy about it, try the “almost kiss” pose! Oftentimes, kissing can be a little funny looking so keep it as very romantic as possible. Mind you, it is normal to feel butterflies on your stomach while having an engagement photo shoot especially if you do this pose. It absolutely makes "kilig" for the couple. To be more comfortable while doing this, try your best to stare at each other’s eyes and do not mind the photographer. 


Photo by Daniel Talavera Photography

When photographing engaged couples, it is fun to have a break with formal poses a bit. Natural features like spontaneous gaze and interaction help tell the story of who these people are as a couple and will celebrate their togetherness as one and love for each other. 

Just like in Taylor Swift song, “Capture it, remember it”, be fearless with your engagement photo ideas! Of course, you absolutely want to seize every moment that you have spent through your pictures of your husband-to-be or wife-to-be. Photos also capture your love for each other. Trust us, it reflects!

Do you already have your engagement photo style and ideas? share and let us know by commenting it down below! 

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