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Engagement Photos with Car Props

Feb 16, 2017


Have you thought about having a statement piece for that extra wow factor in your engagement photo shoot? Some soon-to-wed couples are choosing to use cars for their shoot setup. See how your car or a rented one can be incorporated in your prenup shoot theme.

1) Acoustic touch


Photo by: Ray Cañoneo Photography

These lovebirds hopped on a pickup truck for some road trip plus sort of a musical journey, bringing with them a guitar.  Isn’t this kind of romantic to be serenaded by your husband-to-be?

2) Picnic style


Photo by: Everafter

Yet another pickup truck on the scene, this engaged couple is all set for a picnic sojourn. Looks like they’ve packed up quite enough for a whole day of bonding under a sunny day.

3) Retro-chic


Photo by: Sunkissed Collective

What else is there to explain when you have a retro van for your engagement shoot? This is one exciting idea if you’re wedding theme is vintage. Sure, your guests would instantly notice the continuity of your wedding concept from your engagement down to your big day.

4) Traveling back in time


Photo by: CREL Events

Traveling with your partner is always a wonderful experience. Why don’t you get a vintage car parked in the middle of the woods and create that classic feel for your prenup session?

Whether you choose modern or vintage cars, there’s always a thing about cars that add flair to any engagement concept. Furthermore, keeping things to a bare minimum during your engagement shoot can sometimes have more impact. Again, just pick an awesome statement piece.

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