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Engagement Photos with Natural Backdrop

Feb 16, 2017

For stunning prenup photos, all you need is Mother Nature to provide that breathtaking backdrop that can make your shots more beautiful and jaw-dropping. Take a look at some of our favorite engagement pictures for some inspiration.

1. On Top of a Mountain


Photo by: Joseph Requerme Photo

Mountains and hills are such an ideal location because no matter what angle, there’s always a beautiful view. Just pick a specific time of the year to shoot to make sure that not only is the weather great but the greeneries are lush and vibrant.

2. Beach Setting


Photo by: Aying Salupan Design Photography

You can never go wrong with shooting your engagement photos at the beach. There is just something so romantic about having the view of the ocean and the powdery white sand as your backdrop.

3. Bird's Eye View


Photo by: Geo-Anne Photo

Speaking of the ocean, here’s another twist that you can do for a beach-themed prenuptial photo shoot. Have you ever thought about getting an aerial shot?

4. The Heights


Photo by: fotohOlic

Take your photos to new and different heights—literally—with the help of the trees.

5. Floral Fields


Photo by: Aying Salupan Design Photography

Adding floral elements to your engagement photos is always a great idea. The colors make everything look more romantic and beautiful.

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