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Everything You Need To Know Before Delivering a Wedding Toast

Oct 13, 2017

Is this your first time talking in front of the crowd?  Or do you have stage fright?  Wedding toast is a ways of congratulating the groom and the bride for their wedding but with a short speech.  But don’t worry!  This speech is nothing like a valedictory speech that is being delivered in graduations.  Here are some things you might need to know before you take the microphone.


How to get started

Introduce yourself, not every guest in the wedding knows who you are and that is the best way to start your speech! If you are having problems writing introductions, you are welcome!  Also include what is your relation to the bride and groom.

Keep is short

A toast doesn’t have to take 5 minutes.  You will just bore your listeners!  But some people tend to speak so long that they already have told the history of the why women wash the dishes.  Give others a chance to speak, too!  A tip on how to write it short is to write some keywords before writing, so you will not end up telling a story inside a story.

Make it humorous

We all love a little laughter.  When we make others laugh on our speech it makes up satisfied because they appreciated it and they are really listening to what we are saying.  So to make it feel light, try to give some humor.  It will also lessen your nervousness once you heard the audience laughing.

Avoid telling embarrassing moments

This is not a good day to reminisce your embarrassing moments with the groom or your wild college days with the bride.  Their parents and relatives might never want to hear that story.  So keep it as your secrets and save it for your next catch up date.


Never ever tell something about exes

Even if you tell how they wouldn’t be together if they didn’t broke up with their ex is not a good idea!  Exes should not be a part of the topic especially on their wedding day.  Worst part is if that ex is also attending the wedding.  Like, how insensitive are you from 1-10? 11?  Avoid that, please!

Address both groom and bride

We understand that you are only friends with the bride but if you were in their situation, of course you would also want her to address you and your husband to be.  Addressing them both will mean a lot to them even if you are not that close.

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