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Fascinating Facts about 3 Stone Engagement Rings that You Probably Don't Know

Jul 6, 2017



Did you know that an engagement ring and a rifle have something in common? It seems that these two have no connection at all, right? but as a matter of fact, both things were invented and was first used during the 14th century. Yes, rings are that old! Believe it or not, the first ever use of engagement ring was recorded when Archduke Maximillian of Austria handed out a gold ring to Mary of Burgandy as a token of his love and loyalty to her. Not long after, engagement rings reach high popularity, especially among elites and royals.

Fast forward to the 20th century where modern and chic engagement rings are all being sold in every jewelry shop and online stores too! Giving and owning unique and swoon-worthy engagement rings of different styles cuts and types have never become easier.

Known as a perfect symbol of a man's pure love and oath of loyalty to his lady love, the engagement ring's main purpose is to exude hints of affection he has towards his lady love. While other couples settle for the classic all diamonds as adornment for their engagement rings, some untraditional ones prefer rings which are combinations of diamonds and precious gemstones.

One type of engagement ring that is gaining high acknowledgment today among couples is the elegant 3-Stone Engagement Ring. This elegant ring type offers diversity depending on the wearers’ personality and the things he personally believes in.

Famous for its very sophisticated designs, 3 stone rings are rings made out of yellow or white gold and commonly consist of 3 precious and semi-precious stones - usually 2  small diamonds on both sides of a big diamond located at the center of the ring.

Holding such interesting symbolism, this ring is not your usual metal band used on engagements and other special events. Find out more about the hidden meanings behind it as you read through:

Trinity ring, as they aptly call it, is more than just a metal band topped with three beautifully carved precious stones. Surprisingly, 3 stone ring represents meanings. One is it signifies the past, present, and future of two people in love—with the biggest stone symbolizing the present life of the couple.

To some married couples and first-time parents, rings with 3 precious stones are important by the time they are having their firstborn in the family, thus 3 stones represent the father, mother and the first child respectively.

Perfect as gifts for engagements, anniversaries and even birthdays, the one who is giving a 3 stone engagement ring can be personalized with the biggest gemstone under their other half's birthdate, your anniversary date or you can even pick the gemstone of your chosen wedding month.

Since 3 stone rings are very customizable according to your cut, size, stone, color and even weight preferences, these gorgeous rings are expected to be way cheaper than a solitaire diamond ring but still, equally charming as the classic one.

Do you know other secret meanings behind these elegant 3 stone rings? Share it with us!

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