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Featured Profession: Fashion Purveyor

Jul 13, 2018

Purveyor is an old word however it has only gained so much popularity in use lately as it has become a generic and a commodity in the business world. Essentially, it pertains to someone who provides you with high-quality things or fine goods. A purveyor, in its most logical sense, is an expert on a certain field or item in that he or she has the ability and aptitude to sift the best out of the good stuff. 

In the surge of the global economy and competitive markets, every product and service have to undergo the rigorous process of keen scrutiny of patrons and the mass at large. And that, being able to provide the top of the line products and services for both on the producers and consumers side is of utmost priority. In a fast-paced and competitive world such as ours, where time is immaculate and external beauty is a huge indicator of success, the era of fashion purveyors has reached its peak. Fashion purveyors dominate media – may it be print, social or digital media, their digital and physical presence is everywhere, anytime.

What does it take to be a fashion purveyor?

Does it take a superhuman to be par excellent at this craft? Well, good news... not necessarily. Like any skill, being a fashion purveyor has a learning curve. Initially, all you need is interest and a river of determination!

What do you need to learn to become a fashion purveyor?

#1 Learn.

You have to learn a lot about fashion, of course it’s hard to be good at something that you do not fully know and understand.

Learn the history of fashion – the revolution, the innovators, the fads and trends, the challenges and the triumphs. It’s all worth knowing all these. With the advent of modern technology, facts about these are just in our fingertips. If you are quite old school in studying, you may make use of books and movies that showcase fashion history.

Learn the language of fashion – just like any language, fashion vocabulary is representative of the attributes of the industry. Since you are treading this path, might as well spend time as this is worth researching, after all, you want to be using the words appropriately in context. However, even if you become experts in it, never go overboard so as to use jargon to lay people. Keep it simple yet technical when needed. Just the right mix and you’ll surely become a sought after fashion purveyor.

Learn from fashion literature – Fashion magazines are the best sources of up-to-date fashion literary, music videos and arts.

#2 Keep up

Be a fashion native, a fashion purveyor needs to keep up with the latest fads and trends. Not being abreast to current trends, will surely make one dumbfounded or clueless among clients and colleagues in the fashion industry. There are a lot of trends coming out by the second but not all of them work though. It is wise to check out the mall or online stores every now and then at a frequency of ideally every two weeks at the minimum. Check Instagram posts, too, especially of celebrities as they are naturally trendsetters backed by the most promising stylists in town.

# 3 Fashion week follower

It is important for fashion purveyor to constantly check on fashion weeks in a global scope. This way, you may know what’s the latest offer and at the same time anticipate that of the next season. This knowledge base is important in selecting the best designs and materials together with the right hues, patterns, and texture.

# 4 Be a trendsetter

It is a necessity for a fashion purveyor to walk the talk, that is to be both a trendsetter and a reviewer. This is not only for your own consumption but for you to build a reputation around it. You can start that out by being a loyal shopper at a reliable designer shop and from there, work your way up to get noticed.

# 5 Develop your distinct label

Though numbers 1 to 4 otherwise suggests keeping up with trends, once you get the hang of it plus information overload, you can develop your distinct label for your name, in simple words, create your own style. That is a dogma of fashion purveyors, by their looks, they showcase clients what they have to offer. What better place to start but at your very own closet.

There may be treasures that you can mine in there, such as outfits that you can revamp and customize, to create that pragmatist minimalist fashion statement. If you are good at doing the revisions yourself, then go for it, but if not, having a good tailor would serve you best. The materials for your big break as a fashion purveyor might just be in the closet waiting to be perfectly engineered by skillful hands.

# 6 Develop a fashion journal

Most of the time a dull pencil is much better than a sharp mind. In one time or another, a good idea may spark and then if left undocumented will be forgotten forever in the annals of fashion history. No one wants this to happen, so securing a fashion journal is helpful even to expert fashion purveyors. You might want to do this by, cutting designs that you want and have them pasted into your journal. You could also write about your fashion faves and share your thoughts and reviews on them. You might as well customize designs to suit people of various sizes and age levels.

# 7 Invest on basics

The foundation of a fashion statement starts from basics, which you could wear all the time. You may want to invest in a well-fitted and high-quality line as being able to wear it for as long as it looks fine is worth your every penny. A basic tee, coat, classic pearls, cardigan, little black dress and so on. Mind you, it may be worn across different seasons and fads. As a fashion purveyor, you too, must have all these basics to work on.

# 8 Promote comfort

Know why some trends make it and others don’t? And why basics have survived the test of time, it’s because of comfort and practicality. Good fashion purveyors make this an important consideration. It must be well-fitted as well. Out of this world patterns, colors and designs may fit to a few clients but not for everyone. Definitely, what feels great, looks great!

# 9 Dare to be different

Have the courage to wear an outfit totally different than anybody else. It is only when you think out of the box that you stand out. Make sure the trend that you are sporting has a potential to be followed by others, voluntarily of course!

# 10 Accessorize

May it be earrings, rings, bracelets, pearls, beads or precious stones, it can surely add color, life and edge to any outfit as long as they compliment and feel good.

Being a fashion purveyor is a very promising and lucrative career. Aside from that, it is an opportunity for self-expression and creativity, a pure depiction of ingenuity and superior intellect.

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