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Featured Professional: Make Up By Che Abueg

Jun 11, 2018


A wedding is considered as one of the most important moments in a person’s life. It is that flash of a moment when he or she will be exchanging vows with the love of their life, promising to spend the rest of their lives together for better or worse. Even though weddings generally celebrates the binding of two people in marriage, the bride is considered to be the star of the event. The bride is expected to be beautiful on this particular moment. 

With that, you see that most brides purchase the services only of the best makeup artists in the country. Since they want to look their absolute best, they don't just buy a perfect gown, they also prioritize getting the best makeup artists to ensure a stunning bride look on the wedding day. Due to the high demand for makeup artists, these professionals are able to demand for a large sum for their services too. However, due to the abundance in makeup artists, it can be somewhat a challenge to find the right makeup artist.


You need someone who doesn't just have the necessary education, but also one who has ample experience in this filed. One of the of these people is Che Abueg. Do you have plans on making Che Abueg your makeup artist? This article is dedicated to proving you with the essential information to decide if she is the professional that can satisfy your service requirements. 

Che Abueg is one of the premier make-up artists in the wedding industry to date. As such, you expect her to be popular due to her skills, but surprisingly, clients love her not just because of her talent, but also because of how well she can relate to her customers. 

Che is already one of the most successful makeup artists up to this date, but it was not always like that for her. There was a time when she had to make ends meet with the help of her 9-5 day job. By that time, she was already immersed on her makeup artistry on the side. But because of her hard work and dedication, it did not take long before she made it out big time. 

As someone who deeply cared about improving her craft more than anything, it came as a surprise for her when she eventually broke out and ascended as a well-known makeup artist.

Che is not solely motivated by money. Her goal for her craft is to empower women by making them more confident through her art. She believes that women need not change their looks to be beautiful, which is why she dedicates her art to enhancing the already existing beauty of women, and strongly goes against altering how they look. 

With the height of her success, Che has already managed to work with celebrities and other famous figures. While Che specializes on different kinds of occasions, her most preferred specialty is weddings. She loves her art as a whole, but there is nothing she would like more than contribute to the success of a celebration associated with love. 

What People Are Saying Che Abueg the Make-up Artist

Portfolio of one's work is one determinant of whether an artist is good at his craft. But it is the clients who can give you certainty that the artist has sufficient skills and experience. Is there anyone who can better satisfy of an artists' skills than the clients themselves? Che managed to achieve this level of success because people to know her craft through word of mouth. 


Che’s dedication to improve her craft has paid great dividends as her clients was extremely impressed with her skills as a make-up artist. Her clients call her talented, not just because of how she moves her makeup brush, but also because she knows how to bring out the natural beauty of a person. 

But more than that, clients love her not because she made them look beautiful. People love her because she goes beyond he duty as a makeup artist. She doesn't just act in a professional manner. She also acts like a friend.  

Is Che Abueg a Make-Up Artist to be Recommended?

If you were to see Che's portfolio alone, you wouldn't question why she has managed to gain many positive reviews on social media. Indeed, she is a talented artist. But what makes her popular is how well she can relate to her clients. 

Wedding planning is usually a challenging feat. Che manages to make her clients feel relaxed and at eased. She doesn't just make her clients look beautiful. She also makes them feel pretty too. 


Che knows that apart from makeup, feeling good on the inside is the secret to bringing out the natural beauty of a person. So, do you think Che Abueg will make a perfect makeup artist for your wedding?

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