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Finding the Right Wedding Planner for You

Jun 29, 2018



We are back to another operation plan called “Find Wedding Planner.” Since wedding planning is not an easy task, you would want some help. Given that your family and friends will be there to lend a hand, but a professional wedding planner might help you in ways that they can’t.

Most brides do not stop their normal day-to-day life while planning their wedding. They still go to work and go on with the day as it is. Of course, you will be spending a significant sum for the event and quitting any source of living is not a practical idea. Couples should start to live wiser now, especially financially, when they are about to build a family of their own.

It is when the exhaustion and time management comes into the picture. There are specific things you need to think about if you want to succeed in your “Find Wedding Planner” project. We know, there are too many things to think about here and there, but it should be worth it. Remember, the best ideas come from the complex minds. So, let us get thinking?

Ask for Recommendations

Now, it is true that there is no such thing as new ideas. All ideas come from another idea that comes from other approaches. It is why we have these things called innovation. That is totally in the field of thermodynamics, but really, you probably have seen a wedding that you really love the concept. It can be from friends or relatives’. You can ask the wedding planner they hired and from there can already start trying to get the contact information.

Get Free Consultation

The next step to your “Find Wedding Planner” project is to talk with your ideal planner in person. Sure, you can check portfolios online, and you can definitely ask questions over the phone. However, the best professional wedding planners would like to meet up with you, too. They offer free consultations, so they know all your plans. They will see if you are the right for them by knowing if they can help with your wedding vision. Professionals do not just take deals because it is business and they will benefit from you; they make sure that their price is worth it, and they want to be beneficial for you as well.

Look for a Common Ground

To meet your wedding planner is a must because through proximity meetings can tell you their personality and how they communicate. The way people talk and take in what you are saying says so much about their characteristic. Now, you should determine then if you like to work with them. Perhaps, first impressions really do last.

Check the Services Included

Wedding planners have different services included. You need to resolve which aspects of your wedding planning you need help with. You can find wedding planners that only cater to certain things, but there are ones who will take an extra mile to assist you in every step of the way.

Effective Communication

Beside from the fact that you already like the wedding planner from your first meeting, you should also find out how this person responds to your messages, may it be email or SMS. Professional wedding planners will keep you up to date, but ensure that they do not make you deal with the littlest problem that may occur. Wedding planners with enough experience know how to find solutions to the problem. Of course, it is okay as long as they do not make decisions hastily and do not compromise the vision you entrust to them.

Honesty is a Virtue

One of the traits you must include in your “Find Wedding Planner” project is honesty. Wedding planners will say it straight to your face if your wedding vision is too unrealistic for your wedding budget and will help you out to at least come close to it. They will also tell you if your ideas are not coherent with each other and will serve as your alternatives.

Find Wedding Planner Who Is Insured

To be honest, it may seem not a big deal, but it is! Liability insurance is a must for professionals. Sure, it does not belong to the romantic side of all the planning, but it protects all the parties involved in the planning.


The Wedding Project (Philippines) by Jac Rumusud-Oebanda

No one is perfect, and your wedding planner might have flaws on her own, but people do not say two is better than one without reason. Wedding planning is just like a presentation of a business plan (with a personal touch of love and affection, of course) that needs a thorough discussion and lots of decision making.

The perfect conclusion to your operation plan “Find Wedding Planner” is you won’t find a perfect hire, but you can make things work out through teamwork. Here is to hoping that you see the wedding planner that suits you just as divinely beautiful as your wedding dress.

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