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Garden Wedding Venues to Explore in the Philippines

Mar 20, 2019


No matter the location, all weddings are beautiful! Getting married in a traditional church is lovely. Tying the knot in front of the blue waters on a bed of sand is gorgeous. Going outside the country or out of town to get wed is also amazing. Aside from all these wedding ideas, there is something magical about garden weddings.

Imagine walking down the aisle full of fragrant flowers while dressed up in your dreamy bridal gown or suited up in your tux. You are heading towards a new life together with your groom or bride, and you're surrounded by your loved ones... and blooming flowers. You have waited for this moment for so long, and it feels good that everywhere you look, you see wonderful elements of nature.

Don't you just love this picture? If you can't help but feel thrilled by it, then you should have a garden wedding! There are many reasons why you should opt for this kind of wedding. If you are looking forward to having a romantic garden wedding, we are here to help you out! Listed below are the highly-recommended garden wedding venues in the Philippines that you should consider.

Shangri-La's Mactan Resort & Spa

Shangri-La's Mactan Resort & Spa is a grand hotel that seems perfect—not only because it provides comfortable rooms, relaxing suites, excellent restaurants, and world-class amenities, but also because of its extensive wedding venues and event places. Whether it is a formal, garden, or beach wedding, Shangri-La's Mactan Resort & Spa has it all for you!

A magnificent hotel and events space that is located in the heart of Cebu, Shangri-La's Mactan Resort & Spa become one of the prime wedding locations in the Philippines. Due to the combination of the tropical lush gardens and picturesque seaside views, grooms- and brides-to-be are attracted to get married in this amazing ceremony and reception location.

Shangri-La's Mactan Resort & Spa’s lush, green setting provides a serene and open space for garden weddings. The glorious backdrop of this garden is picture-perfect, especially during the golden hour. Indeed, Shangri-La's Mactan Resort & Spa’s elegant wedding venues can make your romantic wedding ceremonies and ideal wedding receptions come true.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

Located in Pasay, the premier gateway to the Philippines, Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila does not only stand as an iconic five-star hotel for tourists, but also as an awe-inspiring reception venue for the brides and grooms as well.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila is popular because of its chill, tropical setting in a middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. Its sprawling lush grounds and attracting lagoon-shaped pools make it an amazing location for garden weddings.

It is one of the best wedding venues in the Philippines because it caters a breathtaking view of the sparkling waters of Manila Bay. The place is very romantic, particularly the magnificent contrast of sunsets that captivate warm feelings for every occasion. Whether your garden wedding is a grand or intimate one, it is ensured that you will have a memorable celebration here at Sofitel.

Le Jardin Rosella Events Place

If you are looking for garden wedding venues in Tagaytay, you must consider Le Jardin Rosella Events Place. This events space has lush, beautiful garden settings that are ideal places to celebrate your most awaited day.

Le Jardin Rosella Events Place has five garden wedding venues. Each of which owns a fascinating charm. It also has an indoor garden reception that is definitely unique and mesmerizing, too.

Every wedding place in Le Jardin Rosella will leave you in awe. Its interiors and landscapes have never-changing elegance that shells out nature's effortless beauty and grace. Entering the gorgeous trellis of this garden wedding venue in Tagaytay transports you to a great hideaway—a pathway to the life you and your loved one have been dreaming of.

Novotel Manila Araneta Center

Found in the active business district of Quezon City, sits a calmative and appealing hotel: Novotel Manila Araneta Center that can make your happily ever after happen.

This luxury hotel can host a grand ceremony or an intimate gathering in both of its indoor and outdoor wedding venues. Their indoor event place called Monet Grand Ballroom is a huge reception that can accommodate a large number of guests.

On the other hand, the Novotel Manila Araneta Center also has an outdoor event place. It is an exceptional 2,500-square-meter garden that heightens a different and fresher view of the metropolis.

Novotel is an ideal garden wedding venue that is perfect for capturing memories, as it is set against the rosy sunset of Manila. After the ceremony, you can also hold your reception here. You can continue the wedding celebration in their Versailles Tent.

Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan

Another wedding venue in the Philippines that you should consider: Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan. Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan has the elegant, classy, and timeless garden setting that is astounding for both wedding ceremony and receptions. 

Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan’s garden wedding venue is one of a kind. They provide indoor and outdoor options that are both ideal for either wedding ceremonies or receptions.

If you are eyeing on wedding themes like rustic, whimsical, or vintage, this garden wedding location can totally guarantee in assisting your visioned concept. From your heartfelt ceremony to the after party, this wedding venue in Cebu shall be the right one for you!

Anya Resort Tagaytay

If you are aspiring for a contemporary and sophisticated wedding concept on your big day, Anya Resort in Tagaytay is a good choice for garden wedding venues in Tagaytay!

Aside from garden receptions, it also has indoor function rooms and high-quality facilities. This wedding venue has a modern vibe, so if you are decorating the place, it matches light to neutral accents.

Anya Resort Tagaytay can house a number of guests that are ideal for big or small affairs. Surrounded by lush greenery and calming panorama, this luxury hotel and resort will cater to your garden wedding dreams. As a project that is managed by Roxaco Land Corporation and Anya Hospitality Corporation, you are ensured that your garden wedding will be executed excellently.

Villa Infant Jesus Pavilion

Garden wedding locations is a little bit expensive, especially when you are doing your big day in the capital of the Philippines. However, you can still achieve that dreamy garden wedding even on a tight budget! Villa Infant Jesus Pavilion is an affordable garden wedding venue in Manila.

Sitting around Marikina City, this events wedding venue offer two types of wedding reception areas: the Sta. Ana Garden and Pool Area and the San Giles Air-conditioned Function Hall. Villa Infant Jesus Pavilion’s outdoor wedding venue caters a fun, tropical atmosphere because of its green landscapes.

Its garden and pool are just two of the things you will surely love in the location! Decorated with lovely flowers and majestic lightings, this garden wedding location will effortlessly give off a rustic, cozy ambiance that meets the eye. Since it is an affordable garden wedding venue in Manila, you will be able to score a big discount if you book a grand wedding here.

Angelfields Nature Sanctuary

For couples who want a fairytale-themed wedding, Angelfields Nature Sanctuary is the place to be! Angelfields Nature Sanctuary is home, a farm, and a nature sanctuary tucked into one place. It is a 10-hectare land in Silang, Cavite, just a few minutes drive from Tagaytay.

Since it is situated 1,450 feet above sea level, the weather here is cool and pleasant. The land Angelfields Nature Sanctuary stands is blessed with rich volcanic soils—making it very close to nature.

Filled with rustic charm and natural elegance, Angelfields Nature Sanctuary offers a laid-back and heartwarming vibes. This wedding venue offers green spaces and incredible architectural structures.

Chateau de Busay

Just 15 minutes from Cebu City, the 1.2-hectare estate of Chateau de Busay is found. Nestled in a range of breathtaking hills, the grounds of Chateau de Busay is standing tall at 1,000 feet above sea level. It is a wonderful wedding venue that offers multiple spaces for indoor and outdoor receptions.

Chateau de Busay is said to be named after the city’s flower-growing locale. This is why, its garden wedding venue stands by its label—refreshing, blooming, and stunning. The views of the garden will make you speechless, yet will give you good feelings. Aside from the function rooms, the astounding location itself makes every weddings in Chateau de Busay very unique.

Palm Garden Events Place

There are many garden wedding venues in Tagaytay. However, you must not forget to consider Palm Garden Events Place. Located at Amadeo, Cavite, Palm Garden Events Place offers a peaceful ambiance and relaxing atmosphere.

Palm Garden Events Place has three garden wedding venues you can choose from. All of them are comprised of magnificent, lush greeneries and sleek, artsy facilities. Although a newbie in the wedding venue industry, Palm Garden Events Place can indeed, transform your dream wedding into unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

La Chandelle Events Place

An impressive events venue in the city of Quezon, the grounds La Chandelle never fail to amaze the bride, groom, and wedding guests. La Chandelle Events Place is known to hold special occasions for weddings, birthdays, baptismal, even corporate meetings. Because of its proven versatility, La Chandelle makes sure that it offers magical celebrations like no other.


La Chandelle Events Place has a grand hall that is designed with charm and elegance. This is perfect for you if your wedding theme is in line with classy, minimalistic concepts.

Its prosperous garden exerts a romantic aura that is ideal for a wedding ceremony. La Chandelle Events Place's relaxing al fresco is indeed, one of the ideal for wedding receptions in the metropolis of Manila.

The Q Hotel and Events Place

Nestled in the north-eastern part of Tagaytay, The Q Hotel and Events Place sets a hidden paradise for wedding venues. This remarkable hotel assists every future Mr. and Mrs. a memorable wedding venue that fits world-class accommodations. The Q Hotel and Events Place presents a modern Mediterranean landscape that suits every minimalistic and chic wedding themes.

The owner of The Q Hotel and Events Place has significant women in his life. According to him, he named this property as a dedication to the ladies whom he sees as “queens.” Yes, the "Q" in The Q Hotel represents the queens in his life. Sweet, huh? If you are touched with this story and want to feel like a queen as well, then this place is right for you!


Photo Courtesy of The Q Hotel and Events.

The Q Hotel and Events Place has three gardens. The first one, named after his paternal grandmother is the Queen Rufina Garden. It is behind the Q Hotel’s front signage. The second garden, Queen Gertrudes is named after his maternal grandmother. It has a 12-by-50-foot waterfall that is truly awe-inspiring. The third, Queen Anabel is named after his sister’s only daughter. These three garden wedding venues are eye-catching and picture-perfect. It has a lagoon with hardwood bridge and trellis that will definitely make your stay at The Q very unforgettable.

Walking on the premises, you will be greeted by a number of arched vines and various flowery plants. Enjoy the regal experience and graceful aura in The Q Hotel and Events Place and get the queenly day you have always been dreaming of!

The bright sun shining, the cute birds chirping, the fresh plants swaying, all the wedding guests smiling. It is an amazing feeling how you are being pulled by Mother Nature to the arms of the Father, through your significant other, isn't it? Getting married—wherever that is (indoors, beach, garden)—would be definitely special with the person you truly love. 

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