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Get Rid of Worst Case Wedding Scenarios for Good

Jan 2, 2018

Months or a year of planning for your big day are not enough to prevent these worst-case wedding scenarios from happening.  No one can really tell if one of your bridesmaids went missing or even worse is losing your wedding bands!  But don’t you worry because every problem has its own solution and our job is to help you get through any wedding mishaps.

1.       Tardiness

This is the first major problem in our society, being late or “Filipino time”.  Instead of being there 15-30 minutes before the said time, you will arrive an hour late.  If you want to avoid this from happening, especially with your entourage, give them an extra time or tell them to be there by 8 even if the ceremony will start at 9.

2.       Missing Bridesmaid

Whether she’s in bed dealing with flu or having an LBM, tell your wedding planner that he/she must find a way not to make it obvious that someone is missing, especially in a group picture.  Or you can ask someone to find her.  She might have just had a flat tire or something on her way to the church.

imagePhoto by Tim Medrano Photography

3.       Wedding Dress Disaster

This can happen a month or weeks before your big day; if your wedding dress doesn’t fit or if it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to and you cannot find someone who can repair it we definitely have a solution for that.  Go to the nearest wedding dress shop in your town or ask for your grandmother or mothers wedding dress.

4.       Sickness before the big day

The easy solution for this is to keep yourself hydrated and eat healthy foods before your big day, you can prevent any sickness from happening.

5.       Missing rings

This is the worst of them all, if you cannot find the ring or if someone misplaced it, try to make an improvised one, you may a tie a ribbon or borrow your parents' wedding rings if they fit yours and your partner's finger perfectly and find it tomorrow after the wedding.

imagePhoto by Superb Moments

6.       Unreliable Vendors

Before choosing a vendor you should have a list of choices. At least 3-5 choices so when you find out that this certain wedding vendor is not cooperating you can cancel him/her and pick someone on your list.  In that way, you won’t have to start looking again.

7.       Drunk guests

A wedding means having fun and getting drunk for some guests, especially our uncles!  Ask your bartender to have a list of guests on who ordered alcoholic drinks and tell them that they can only have 5 bottles or less so they won’t embarrass themselves.

imagePhoto by Shutterfairy Photo

8.       Power interruption and bad weather

Weather is very unpredictable if you are going to have an outdoor wedding ask your vendors to provide some tents and the nearest place they can run into if it rains.  And for the power interruption, this can only be a problem if you are going to have your wedding in a private place, find a vendor for a diesel generator that you can ask to come over if it happens.

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