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We have been giving advises for the brides-to-be most of the time so we figured out that we need to include the groom, too, for the tips.  If you thought that the groom has the easiest job in the wedding, well, honestly he doesn’t.  Because he needs to choose between a tie or a bow, a suit or a tuxedo and what hairstyle to choose, too!  Gents, if you are looking for hairstyle advises look no more because we’ve already got it for you!

 imagePhoto by Armand Ansaldo Photography

1.        Manicure

This may sound girly but gents, you want to look nice and clean on your wedding day and a manicure won’t lessen your masculinity.  This is also a part of every man’s proper hygiene, it might sound a little weird but once you get to feel the relaxing feeling of a hand massage, you’ll say you are so going to do it again.

 2.       Shave

Unless you want to use your beard and mustache as a part of your get up in your big day.  But if you will not use it, shave.  Your wife to be will fall in love with you more if she sees you shaved and clean.

 3.       Haircut

This is the right time to cut your bangs and trim those side-whiskers of yours.  You do not need them on your big day.  Another groom tip if you are going to have your haircut, do it a week before your wedding day so your hair will adjust with the new cut and will have plenty of time to grow if the barber made it too short.

imagePhoto by Armand Ansaldo Photography

 4.       Facial

In our generation, it doesn’t matter anymore if a guy is going to a wellness spa to have a facial because everyone needs it once in a while.  And mind you guys, no one will judge you.  You have all the right to take care of your skin, too!

 5.       Fragrance

The secret has been unlocked!  Every girl in this world wants a man who smells good, who smells clean and fresh like he just came out right out of the shower!  But remember not to use strong scented perfumes.  Sometimes the smell makes them a bit dizzy.

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