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Groomsmen Attire: What Your Groomsmen Could Wear

Jul 17, 2018


Whether you're going to be a groomsman or the bride/groom, it is essential that you think about how you will present yourself during the wedding ceremony. There are several do's and don'ts when it comes to the groomsmen’s attire and most of the time the wedding couple will have their specific ideas of what kind of groomsmen attire they wanted. 

Before we go on with the different groomsmen attire ideas, let us first take note of following as it may help you to figure out what the groomsmen should wear sans the aesthetic and the overall feel when the big day comes.

Tip #1: Be Specific

First, is that as the bride or groom, provide specific advice, suggestions, and demands to your groomsmen. Tell what you want them to wear and what you do not want. With this openness, the groomsmen would exactly know what to wear. Consequently, you will be sure you'll be happy with the way things will turn out. Think about to what degree they would match each other. Are they all going to wear the same tuxedo or maybe the same bow tie could be enough or the same vest? Get them the same accessories as well for consistency.


Tip #2: Let the Groom Stand Out

As what is mentioned earlier, make sure that the groom is different from all the groomsmen’s attire, to give that sense that he's elevated. This is his day. So basically, it's not just the bride's day. And the bride isn't just the only one hyped with this event. The bride usually wears a dress that would stand out from the bridesmaid, but if the groom wears the same tuxedo just like his groomsmen, then it would be easy for them to look the same. There should be a distinction that this guy is the groom that even from afar the guest could easily distinguish who is and isn't.

Tip #3: Avoid Rentals if Possible

Another thing to keep in mind is that don't wear rentals. Even though rentals are the popular thing for weddings because maybe you want to wear a tuxedo, but usually these suits are made of the cheapest materials. Not only does it look very cheap, but also very hard to wear. The wearers could get uncomfortable. Also, the fit of these suits could be off. Others could have jackets that are way too long, making your big event more of a clownish circus party than a well-dressed wedding party. You could also opt for a vest instead. Vests usually have deeper cut armholes so there wouldn't be sleeve length issues.

Tip #4: Don't Go Overboard With Colors

Lastly, grooms should not wear colored shirts. Sometimes you want to clique with the wedding theme color but it's just over the top. If you want to play with color, you could use pocket square or the boutonniere flowers instead. You'll save yourself (or your groom( the question, "What the heck, am I thinking when I choose to wear this red shirt?" years after, as you look back to your wedding pictures.


Here are different ideas for groomsmen attire:

The Classic White Shirt

When it comes to that casual vibe, look no further than a classic white shirt. It is perfectly paired with khaki pants, dress slacks or jeans. This is a timeless look despite being casual. The casual white shirt will definitely look great on your groomsmen in your wedding.


Blue Jeans or Trousers

For that rustic or country wedding, having the groomsmen and the groom wear all blue jeans might go better than the traditional suit. To make sure the look will not be sloppy, the groomsmen attire must be pressed and hemmed correctly.


The Hawaiian Cool Vibe

Having a Hawaiian destination wedding or that beside-the-sea wedding, it would be nice to embrace the fun with a themed shirt. Have the groom wear a formal jacket over it and the groomsmen with suspenders or without. At the reception, they'll stay cool and comfortable at the same time.


The Chambray

They say that the chambray is the classic white shirt's country cousin, well indeed it is. It is a pretty fabric that is very lightweight and breathable. This groomsmen attire works well on a beach or on a farm wedding.


Khaki Shorts

When comes to a casual beach wedding, comfort is key. If the bride is planning to wear a simple white sundress, this outfit will coordinate well with the attire. The groomsmen and the groom will not mind this attire choice as it is a comfortable choice.


Tweed Vests

When you do not want that everyday casual and yet be informal, the tweed vest is perfect for your groomsmen and the groom as well. This classic piece can be worn again, so it is good to invest in the quality of the tailoring and the pattern of the vest that they love.


Wool Layers

For a casual winter or wedding in a cool climate, you can have the groomsmen and the groom skip the traditional suit and make them layer with a wool sweater and a sports coat. You'll be surprised that the overall effect will be still formal and dressed up, with the practicality to keep the men warm for the cool ceremony.


The Tie & Suspenders

If you intend to have a summer wedding, simply skip the jacket and roll up the shirt sleeves of your groomsmen. You could opt to give your groomsmen attire some accessories with linen tie and leather suspenders.


An Eclectic Jacket

For modern and boho weddings with a casual dress code opt for the classic button up shirt for your groom and groomsmen and pair it with a unique and stylish jacket. You could have the groomsmen wear different kinds of a patterned jacket with the same or almost the same color and the groom in a different one. Just make sure that the groom will really stand out. Encourage them to find the one that represents their own unique style.


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