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Guidelines for choosing wedding entourage

Jun 4, 2018


Are you a social butterfly and wants to invite everyone to your wedding list - or a detailed person who wants to carefully plan out your wedding entourage? Whichever category you fall in; we're sure you're going to complete your list with these tips!

Remember: on top of all your wedding planning and preparations, your guests and your wedding entourage should be the priority because they will be the witness to the celebration of you and your partner! And after all, all soon-to-wed couples would always want to be surrounded by people they love to celebrate the union with them. It can also be our way of telling them we're grateful to all of them because we are where we are now through their help!


Here is the list of a wedding entourage that may guide you towards a happy decision:

Principal Sponsors

Principal sponsors are the only people you need—legally. They are the witness to your weddings that will sign the marriage contract with you. Make sure to choose the people who know you and your partner well that they are comfortable to give you advice as you take them pleasantly. Go for the people you look up to especially their own married life. There is no perfect relationship, but these people might help you go through the hardships of a new chapter in your life.

Secondary Sponsors

Secondary sponsors may depend on the house of worship you are getting married in. In some churches, it is required to have three pairs for secondary sponsors. The roles of each pair involve lighting of the wedding candles before the rite, draping of the veil over the bride’s head and groom’s shoulder, and placing the cord over the couple. For most couples, they choose very close friends and family to take this position. This role is a little laid back compared to the hectic parts of bridesmaids and groomsmen.


Best Man

The best man usually is the best friend (or a brother!) of the groom. He is the one that the groom always goes to when he has a problem, or he wants to tell the good news, too! The best man needs to prepare a speech for the wedding reception. Ah, don’t we just love it when guys get sappy? Of course, he is also the one who needs to plan the bachelor party!

Maid of Honor

The maid of honor is the bride’s best friend (or sisters and cousins) who she trusts the most. The maid of honor is probably the busiest one among all the wedding entourage. She is not just responsible for taking care of the bridal shower, but she is also considered as someone who will help the bride all throughout her wedding process. Make sure you get the one who is not too busy to make time for all this! But of course, the right people will always go out of their way to be with you.


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Typically, groomsmen are the groom’s closest friends and family. Most of them on the line probably know each other too because they are in the same circle of friends. Groomsmen help the groom in last minute errands he needs to accomplish. Also, they extend a hand to the best man to usher guests and escorts bridesmaids.



Just like the groomsmen, bridesmaids are the bride’s closet friends and family. They also assist you and the maid of honor if you need more hands in your wedding preparations. They may also hand out favors to your guests and may aid them as well. Remember to keep the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen equal. Maybe you can also consider being a matchmaker on your wedding day because who knows, right? Ah, you like the idea, too?


As well as the secondary sponsors, your bearers depend on your house of worship. There are also three bearers to consider: the ring, the coin, and the Bible bearer. You can choose any children you have a soft heart with between three to eight years old.

Flower Girls

Flower girls can be of the same age as the bearers. Normally, they are set to scatter flower petals on the aisle to prepare for your walk. Though these days, you can spice things up by letting them blow bubbles or hold wedding signs.


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The secret to having your perfect wedding entourage generally lies on the people you choose. Remember, go for the ones who are the dearest to you; those who have been with you through thick and thin because let us be real, that is what makes them special. These people that have seen the best and worst of you deserve the spot to your wedding entourage.

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